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Appreciation Wine Dinner @ Feringgi GrillAppreciation Wine Dinner @ Feringgi Grill
© Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa

Appreciation Wine Dinner is an event at Feringgi Grill, Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa, in celebration of the fine-dining restaurant winning a coveted award. The Feringgi Grill chalked another milestone in its illustrious culinary history by bringing home the "Best Innovative Restaurant" award in the international category during the 20th Malaysia Tourism Awards 2016/2017.

Appreciation Wine Dinner @ Feringgi GrillThe Winner Award presented to Feringgi Grill(28 April, 2018)

Appreciation Wine Dinner @ Feringgi GrillHere I am with the award(28 April, 2018)

It is a major pat in the back for the team behind Feringgi Grill. It is no wonder that Rasa Sayang Resort's resident manager Mr Nick Flynn was thrilled to articulate the achievement. Prior to the commencement of the dinner, Mr Flynn held a question and answer session where he expressed his appreciation and congratulations to Feringgi Grill's culinary and service team. Selected members of the local social and print media community came together to fete the fine dining restaurant for the remarkable honour, and were joined by some 120 guests.

Prior to dinner, guests mingled around, imbibing champagne and fruit cocktail at Feringgi Bar, where a photo booth was set up to commemorate the occasion. Dinner was a seven-course affair with wine pairing. Live music was provided by a pianist and songstress from De Leon Jazz Experience.

Appreciation Wine Dinner @ Feringgi GrillQuestion & Answer Session with Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa Resident Manager, Mr Nick Flynn (28 April, 2018)

The "Feringgi Grill Experience" for that evening commenced with an appetizer, or amuse-bouche, which was smoked salmon resting on a pastry pillow. Next was Boeuf "Tosa Province", which was a carpet of thinly sliced beef topped with radish, lime, a sprinkling of sesame and a dash of tataki sauce. This course was paid with a white wine, Stimson Estate Cellars Chardonnay. The beef was so soft, it easily melted in the mouth.

Appreciation Wine Dinner @ Feringgi GrillAmuse-Bouche (28 April, 2018)

Appreciation Wine Dinner @ Feringgi GrillBœuf "Tosa Province" (28 April, 2018)

The next course was a soup, Bouillon de St-Jacque au Safran. It was a bouillon, or broth, of potato emulsion and saffron sauce with Hokkaido scallops and bell peppers. It was paired with another white wine, the E Guigal Côtes du Rhône Blanc.

Appreciation Wine Dinner @ Feringgi GrillBouillon de St-Jacque au Safran (28 April, 2018)

The following course was seafood, or Cabillaud Beurre Blanc. That's French for cod fish in beurre blanc or butter sauce made in a white wine or vinegar reduction. The dish was garnished with a single baby carrot, bacon and herbs. This was paired with a red wine, the Pierre André Bourgogne Pinot Noir Réserve Pierre Andre.

Appreciation Wine Dinner @ Feringgi GrillCabillaud Beurre Blanc (28 April, 2018)

Sorbet Mangue, comprising grapefruit gel, pepper and mint, offered an interlude to the savoury items. Then came the main course for the evening, Ballotine de Volaille au Foie Gras et Fruits. To be honest, I felt the Ballotine de Volaille (poultry ballotine) was a bit on the dry side. I would also have preferred if it were stuffed. Other than that, the foie gras and morel were superb. The wine paired to this course was a red, the Sterling Vintner's Collection Cabernet Sauvignon.

Appreciation Wine Dinner @ Feringgi GrillSorbet Mangue (28 April, 2018)

Appreciation Wine Dinner @ Feringgi GrillBallotine de Volaille au Foie Gras et Fruits (28 April, 2018)

The evening edged to its conclusion with the serving of the dessert, which was Peach Melba - poached peach with pieces of vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce. This was paired a white wine, the Selbach Oster Mosel Riesling Incline Qualitätswein.

Petit Fours brought the evening to a sweet conclusion, accompanied by a glass of Martell VSOP Nuit.

It was such a lovely occasion, for myself and for my wife, and my social media friends, made even more so by the gracious company of Rasa Sayang Resort's Director of Communications, Mr Suleiman Tunku Abdul Rahman, who could always be counted on to cheer up the evening.

Appreciation Wine Dinner @ Feringgi GrillPeach Melba (28 April, 2018)

Appreciation Wine Dinner @ Feringgi GrillMartell VSOP Nuit (28 April, 2018)

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