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Tech Dome PenangDiscovering fun in science, at Tech Dome Penang
© Tech Dome Penang

B. Melayu

Tech Dome Penang is a science discovery centre in Penang. Created at a cost of RM28 million, it occupies the Geodesic Dome at Komtar. Tech Dome is a public-private partnership involving the Penang State government. It was established to ignite inquisitiveness and an interest in the sciences among children and young adults. With the tagline of Inspiring the Future, it is geared to be a hub for young people to learn about science and technology. Through Tech Dome Penang, it is hoped that more students will pursue higher education in the sciences and help enhance Penang's position as a regional hub for science and technology.

I visited Tech Dome on 2 August, 2016, and was taken around by Dr Khong Yoon Loong, the CEO of Penang Tech Centre, which runs Tech Dome Penang. Dr Khong took me around, showing me all the various exhibits, and I got a better insight into how Tech Dome was set up. It was no easy task, I can tell you, so it was with some joy for all involved with the project opened to the public, showcasing more than 120 exhibits.

Through its exhibits, Tech Dome exposes visitors to the various progresses made in the field of science, technology and innovation. Visitors get to play with lasers, for example, or spin around in a Human Gyro, or watch the inside of the human body.

Tech Dome PenangDr Khong Yoon Loong, the CEO of Penang Tech Centre, which runs Tech Dome Penang, demonstrating a spinning levitating globe (7 August, 2016)

Tech Dome PenangRobotic Aquarium: Dr Khong showing me the mechanical fish in Tech Dome's fish tank. (8 February, 2017)

Tech Dome PenangOverview of the exhibits at Tech Dome Penang (2 August, 2016)

Tech Dome PenangGo for a spin at Tech Dome Penang! (7 August, 2016)

Tech Dome PenangChildren interacting with the exhibits at Tech Dome Penang.
© Tech Dome Penang

Tech Dome PenangWho says science ain't fun?
© Tech Dome Penang

Tech Dome PenangTim having a lightsaber duel, at Tech Dome Penang (2 August, 2016)

Tech Dome PenangGoing for a spin at Tech Dome Penang (2 August, 2016)

Tech Dome PenangDr Khong demonstrating one of the exhibits at Tech Dome Penang (2 August, 2016)

Tech Dome PenangPlaying with a suspended ball at Tech Dome Penang (7 August, 2016)


Entrance to Tech Dome is on the fourth floor of the Komtar podium block, next to PBA Pulau Pinang. There is another entrance via The TOP.

Tech Dome Penang
10450 George Town,
Phone: +60 4 262 6663

Tech Dome Penang is open every day except Tuesdays, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. The admission fee is shown right here.

PIXO Observatory

This observatory, located on the rooftop of Tech Dome Penang, is often used by the Astronomy Society of Penang for stargazing.


Tech Dome PenangHere I am at the main entrance to Tech Dome Penang. (7 August, 2016)

Tech Dome PenangEntrance to Tech Dome Penang from THE TOP (11 February, 2017)

Updates on Tech Dome Penang

18 December, 2016
PIXO Observatory, which has the most powerful telescope in Penang, was officiated by Dr Ahmad Zahidi Hamidi, the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. The observatory is used mainly by the Astronomical Society of Penang for stargazing, sun observations and other activities. Astronomical workshops and exhibitions may also be held there.

PIXO Observatory
PIXO Observatory
© Tech Dome Penang

10-12hb Sept dan 16-18hb Sept, 2016
Japanese Technology Weekend was held at Tech Dome Penang. In junction, there is a Mini Japan Fest showcasing Japanese culture, food and games, including Geometric Origami, traditional Pachinko, Superball, Japanese bakery, Yukata dressing, Nagashi-Somen game/food and Matcha ice-cream. The Japanese Technology Weekend is launched by the Penang Chief Minister YAB Tuan Lim Guan Eng at the Tech Dome Penang at 10:00 am on 10 September, 2016.

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