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Swettenham Pier

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Swettenham PierSwettenham Pier (5 June, 2010)

Swettenham Pier (GPS: 5.4187, 100.34499) is the port located on the northeastern tip of George Town. It comprises Swettenham Pier and the Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal, which was completed in 2010.

Swettenham Pier was established in 1903, at the height of shipping activity in the Penang Ports. It was named after Frank Athelstane Swettenham (1850-1946), the first Resident General of the Federated Malay States between 1896 and 1901. The port in Klang was named Port Swettenham in his honour.

How to go to Swettenham Pier

Swettenham Pier is within walking distance of the Weld Quay Bus Terminal. You can also take Rapid Penang Bus 10, 11, 101, 103, 104, 201, 202, 203, 204, 206, 301, 302, 303, 307, 401, 401E and 502 to the bus stop near it, and in addition, the Penang Hop-On Hop-Off Tourist Bus also stops there.

About Swettenham Pier

Swettenham Pier has two berths with are 366 meters in length, and have a depth of 9.5 meters. It is the berthing place for cruise liners that call on George Town.

At time of writing (April 2010), Swettenham Pier is at the final stages of an expansion programme which began in May 2006. The expansion was supposed to be completed in November 2007. Unfortunately it was delayed due to technical problems and financial difficulties faced by the main contractor.

The latest date provided for the completion of the expansion programme is now September 2010. The cost has also escalated to RM55.4 million, which means it costs the Federal Government an additional 21 million over the original estimate.

With the expansion of Swettenham Pier, Penang will be able to receive larger cruise ships.

Passenger entrance to the Swettenham Pier Cruise TerminalPassenger entrance to the Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal (30 September, 2017)

Swettenham Pier Fire StationSwettenham Pier Fire Station (30 September, 2017)

Swettenham Pier Police StationSwettenham Pier Police Station (30 September, 2017)

Swettenham PierThe new cruise terminal of Swettenham Pier (5 June, 2010)

Swettenham PierWhen the new cruise terminal of Swettenham Pier was first opened, taxis were allowed to be park in front of it, now no longer so. (4 April, 2010)

Swettenham Pier Cruise TerminalPier to the cruise liner at Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal (30 September, 2017)

Star Cruises PiecesThe cruise liner Pieces from Star Cruises berthed at Swettenham Pier. (4 April, 2010)

Swettenham PierView of Swettenham Pier from the Malayan Railway Clocktower. (4 April, 2010)

Swettenham PierThe Japanese Wharf Building, Swettenham Pier. (5 June, 2010)

Swettenham PierAnother view of the Japanese Wharf Building. (5 June, 2010)

Swettenham PierInside one of the warehouses of Swettenham Pier. (5 June, 2010)

360° Street View of Swettenham Pier

Entrance to Swettenham Pier.

How to reach Swettenham Pier

From the Weld Quay Ferry & Bus Terminal, just walk north along Weld Quay (Pengkalan Weld) and you will reach Swettenham Pier at the corner between Weld Quay and King Edward's Place (Pesara King Edward).

Location of Swettenham Pier on the map

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