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Pnua Kiam Tnee Chang/Nyonya Chang 娘惹粽

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Pnua kiam tnee changPnua kiam tnee chang (7 June, 2013)

The Pnua Kiam Tnee Chang (pronounced pnua1 kiam3 tnee1 or pnua1 kiam3 tnee3 chang3), also called the Nyonya Chang, is a localized version of the bak chang. It is usually served as an afternoon snack. The pnua kiam tnee chang of Malacca is usually coloured with bunga telang (butterfly pea flower). As this flower is hard to come by in Penang, the pnua kiam tnee chang made in Penang is usually just plain white. Nonetheless, if you are able to get hold of the bunga telang, by all means use it to colour your chang.

The pnua kiam tnee chang is my wife's favourite chang. Previously I did not take much of a fancy to it. That was until I finally tasted the version which my wife made. It was certainly different from the pnua kiam tnee chang I have had before.

If you'd like to make pnua kiam tnee chang yourself, let me share with you the recipe that my wife wrote out. You can post your result on my Masa Masak Facebook Group.

My wife's Nyonya ChangMy wife's Nyonya Chang, dwarfed by a tray of her bak chang. (29 May, 2014)

My wife's Nyonya ChangMy wife's "Mount Fuji" Nyonya Chang (12 June, 2015)

Our Pnua Kiam Tnee Chang Recipe

Ingredients: 1. Glutinous rice
2. Bunga telang water/ Butterfly pea flower
3. Thick santan (coconut milk)
4. Salt

1. 糯米
2. 蓝花汁
3. 椰浆
4. 盐

Spice paste (ground) 1. Coriander powder
2. Garlic
3. Cekur ginger root
4. Pepper

香料 (可到巴刹买)
1. 芫茜粉
2. 蒜茸
3. 沙姜
4. 胡椒粉

1. Pork belly - cut into small cubes
2. Candied winter melons - sliced into 2 mm thick
3. Roasted peanuts - pounded
4. Salt
5. Sugar
6. Water

1. 五花肉 - 切成小丁块
2. 冬瓜糖 - 切成小片,大概2毫米厚
3. 花生- 烤过,弄碎
4. 盐
5. 糖
6. 老抽/黑酱油
7. 水

Wrapper 1. Chang heok (dried bamboo leaves), soaked until soft, cleaned and wiped dry
2. Chang sok (hemp string), soaked until soft
3. Pandan leaves, cut into 3 cm long strips.

1. 竹叶 - 浸至软,清洗,抹干
2. 粽绳 - 浸至软
3. 班丹叶 - 切成3 厘米长

Soaking bunga telangSoaking bunga telang (7 June, 2013)


1. Wash the glutinous rice in several changes of water until the water runs clear. Take one third of the glutinous rice and soak with bunga telang water. Soak the balance glutinous rice in water. Soak the rice overnight and drain before use.
2. Steam the rice with thick coconut milk until cooked. Roughly mix the blue and white rice together. Set aside.
3. Heat up some oil in a wok and saute the spice paste until fragrant.
4. Add in the pork belly and stir until cooked. Season with sugar and salt.
5. Add in candied melon, and stir fry until well mix.
6. Add in pounded roasted peanuts. Dish out to cool.
7. To wrap the chang: Overlap two pieces of bamboo leaves and fold into a cone.
8. Fill cone with 1 heaped tablespoon of glutinous rice, one heaped tablespoon of filling, and another heaped tablespoon of glutinous rice.
9. Top with a piece of pandan leaf.
10. Fold the loose end of the bamboo leaves over the rice and wrap dumpling into a pyramid shape and secure it with hemp string.
11. Repeat until all rice have been used up.
12. Steam the dumpling for 20-30 minutes.


1. 糯米洗净,分成三份。一份浸蓝花汁, 另两份浸清水。浸过夜,沥干备用。
2. 椰浆加盐,倒入糯米一起蒸。蒸好后,蓝糯米随意加入白糯米。备用。
3. 烧热锅,加油,倒入香料,炒至香。
4. 拌入五花肉,翻炒片刻,放入老抽,盐,糖 调味。加水煮至肉软。
5. 加入冬瓜糖, 花生碎,拌匀。
6. 关火,取出备用。
7. 取两片竹叶,摺成三角形。舀入一大汤匙糯米,一大汤匙馅料,后加一大汤匙糯米, 轻轻压实。
8. 最后放一片班丹叶, 包裹成金字塔形,用绳捆绑好。
9. 裹好的粽子,用大火蒸30分钟即可。

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