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Petrol Stations on Penang Island

Penang petrol stations are identified and mapped out on this page for the benefit of visitors. For the benefit of those who are driving into Penang, or renting a car there, here's a list of petrol stations in Penang. Please feel free to print it out for your own personal, non-commercial use. And what's more, if you want this in pdf, it's available here!

You can pinpoint the exact location of each petrol station listed by keying in the latitude and longitude coordinates in Google Earth. I think this is as good as it gets without having to resort to GPS.

In the above Google Map, I have also indicated the location of many of the petrol stations. Not all. I am still identifying them, and I'd appreciate your help. Scroll through the map. If you find locations where petrol stations ought to be there, write to me and tell me the location. I'll add them in.

Petrol Station on the Penang Mainland

Petrol Stations in Bukit Mertajam


Individual Page of Petrol Stations

Petronas Bukit Gambir

Sungai Tiram Shell Petrol Station

Group Listing of Petrol Stations

Click to scroll directly to the petrol stations: BHP, Caltex, Petron, Petronas and Shell.

BHP Petrol Stations in Penang

BHP, Anson Road near Penang Buddhist Association (5°24'51.81"N, 100°19'6.11"E)

BHP Kampung Baru Air Itam, near the junction to Farlim (5°24'15.19"N, 100°17'25.31"E)

BHP Kampung Baru, Air Itam (9 September 2012)

BHP, Green Lane near Taman Greenview (5°23'15.60"N, 100°18'13.27"E)

BHP Green Lane Petrol Station (23 September, 2012)

BHP petrol station along Green Lane in Taman Greenview (31 August 2012)

Caltex Petrol Stations in Penang

Argyll Road Caltex at junction of Transfer Road (5°25'15.39"N, 100°19'51.28"E)
Caltex, Green Lane near Convent Green Lane (5°23'41.48"N, 100°18'10.06"E)
Caltex, Tanjung Bungah, opposite Tanjung Country Club (5°27'52.26"N, 100°17'38.52"E)
Caltex, Tanjung Tokong, next to Tingkat Hock Hin (5°26'45.20"N, 100°18'16.71"E)
Caltex, Teluk Bahang, near Penang Mutiara Hotel (5°27'30.28"N, 100°12'55.72"E)
Caltex, Air Itam, opposite the Air Itam Petron (5°24'17.51"N, 100°17'3.49"E)
Caltex, Lebuhraya Thean Teik, near Econsave (5°23'13.96"N, 100°16'35.83"E)
Caltex, Sungai Nibong (5°20'5.05"N, 100°17'48.65"E)
Caltex, Jalan Tengah

Caltex Jalan TengahCaltex Jalan Tengah (22 September, 2009)

Caltex, Jelutong, along Jalan Jelutong

GPS: 5.38908, 100.31267

Caltex Jelutong (1 September, 2012)

Caltex Jelutong (9 September, 2012)

Caltex along the Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway, beside E-Gate

Caltex on the Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway (9 September 2012)

Petron Petrol Stations in Penang

Petron, Macalister Road

Petron Macalister Road (29 September, 2012)

Petron, Farquhar Street opposite E&O Hotel (5°25'20.57"N, 100°20'9.15"E)
Petron, Burmah Road next to Auto Lancia (5°25'42.68"N, 100°18'52.92"E)
Petron, Kelawei Road near Wat Chayamangkalaram (5°25'54.99"N, 100°18'52.24"E)

Petron Kelawei Road (15 September 2012)

Petron, Dato Kramat Road near Jalan Perak junction (5°24'46.03"N, 100°18'53.99"E)

Petron, Dato Kramat Road, Penang (18 September, 2012)

Petron, Dato Kramat Road near Padang Brown (5°24'46.75"N, 100°19'6.99"E)
Petron, Green Lane near Lam Wah Ee Flyover (5°23'35.53"N, 100°18'11.14"E)
Petron, Tanjung Bungah Hillside, opposite Copthorne Hotel (5°27'53.36"N, 100°17'28.55"E)
Petron Jalan Air Itam, next to Shang Wu Primary School, (formerly La Salle) (5°25'20.28"N, 100°20'2.35"E)

Petron Station, Jalan Air Itam next to Heong Giam Si TemplePetron Station, Jalan Air Itam next to Heong Giam Si Temple (5 March, 2013)

Petron, Air Itam, next to Jalan Chor Sin Kheng (5°24'15.34"N, 100°17'3.22"E) (9 September 2012)

Petron Jalan Jelutong (GPS: 5.39954, 100.3215)
Petron Solok Perak, Jelutong (GPS: 5.39398, 100.31541)
Petron, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah in Gelugor (5°22'21.28"N, 100°18'31.22"E)
Petron, Pantai Jerejak (5°20'44.42"N, 100°18'10.22"E)
Petron Jalan Tengah (GPS: 5.32084, 100.28318)

Petron Jalan Tun Dr AwangPetron Jalan Tun Dr Awang (16 December, 2017)

Petron, Jalan Tun Dr Awang, in front of BJ Complex (5°19'58.89"N, 100°17'22.75"E) (17 September, 2012)

Petron Jalan Chain Ferry, Butterworth (5.40017, 100.37556)
Petron Sungai Dua I, Seberang Perai (GPS: 5.44581, 100.42232)
Petron Sungai Dua II, Seberang Perai (GPS: 5.44643, 100.42293)
Petron Jalan Kulim, Bukit Mertajam (GPS: 5.3617, 100.46378)

Petronas Petrol Stations in Penang

Petronas, Green Lane near Lebuhraya Batu Lanchang (5°23'18.28"N, 100°18'14.79"E)
Petronas, Jalan Paya Terubong (5°22'16.43"N, 100°16'27.75"E)
Petronas, Jalan Bukit Gambir (5°21'44.08"N, 100°17'41.11"E)
Petronas, Bayan Baru at Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah (5°19'44.07"N, 100°17'40.40"E)
Petronas, Bayan Lepas main road (5°18'1.10"N, 100°16'21.03"E)
Petronas, Balik Pulau main road (5°20'7.15"N, 100°13'9.38"E)
Petronas, Jalan Tanjong Tokong (GPS: 5.45253, 100.30628)
Petronas, Jalan Dato Ismail Hashim (GPS: 5.32961, 100.27398)
Petronas Sungai Lokan (GPS: 5.44937, 100.41208)

Shell Petrol Stations in Penang

Shell, junction of Jalan Penang and Jalan Farquhar (5°25'20.28"N, 100°20'2.35"E)
Shell, Weld Quay near clan jetties (5°24'46.92"N, 100°20'24.84"E)
Shell, Burmah Road next to Midlands One-Stop (5°25'58.51"N, 100°18'20.25"E)
Shell, Burmah Road opposite Golden Eagle Food Court (5°25'38.49"N, 100°18'56.53"E)
Shell, junction of Kelawei Road and Jalan Birch (5°25'51.54"N, 100°18'58.48"E)
Shell, Dato Kramat Road near Jalan Perak junction (5°24'46.34"N, 100°18'52.91"E)
Shell, Perak Road (5.41174, 100.31582), in front of City Stadium and next to Astaka Stadium Bandaraya.
Shell, Green Lane near McDonald's Green Lane (5°24'1.97"N, 100°18'15.51"E)
Shell, Green Lane near Gembira Parade (5°23'7.03"N, 100°18'17.46"E)
Shell, Tanjung Bungah, opposite Penang Swimming Club (5°27'52.65"N, 100°17'38.43"E)
Shell, Paya Terubong, opposite Lebuhraya Thean Teik (5°23'4.69"N, 100°16'27.97"E)
Shell, Jalan Thean Teik, at junction of Jalan Shaik Madar (5°24'4.06"N, 100°17'27.98"E)
Shell, Teluk Bayan, Sungai Nibong (5°20'1.74"N, 100°17'43.88"E)
Shell, Sungai Nibong (5°20'2.59"N, 100°17'47.52"E)
Shell, Bayan Lepas main road (5°18'5.77"N, 100°16'28.09"E)
Shell, Bayan Lepas town (5°17'41.41"N, 100°15'40.04"E)
Shell, Jalan Mayang Pasir, Bayan Baru (5.327670N,100.288203E)
Shell, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, Gelugor (5.376850N,100.307794E)
Shell Relau (GPS: )
Shell Jalan Jelutong (GPS: 5.39572, 100.31813)
Shell Tanjong Tokong (GPS: 5.44431, 100.3058)
Shell at Jalan Perusahaan Jelutong.
Shell Jalan Chain Ferry, Butterworth (GPS: 5.4001, 100.37756)
Shell Sungai Lokan, Butterworth (GPS: 5.44811, 100.41426)

Shell Air Itam, next to FGA CentreShell, Air Itam, next to FGA Centre (5°24'16.66"N, 100°17'14.49"E) (18 May, 2013)

Shell petrol station, Thean Teik RoadShell petrol station, Thean Teik Road (9 March, 2013)

Shell Bayan LepasShell Bayan Lepas (4 February, 2013)

Shell Petrol Station, Jalan Mayang Pasir (31 August 2012)

Shell Petrol Station, Gelugor (31 August 2012)

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