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Muntri Mews, George Town, Penang

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Muntri Mews, George Town, PenangMuntri Mews, George Town, Penang (1 July, 2012)

Muntri Mews (GPS: 5.420024, 100.335153) is a boutique hotel along Muntri Street, George Town, Penang. As its name would suggest, it occupies the former carriageworks that was built in the third quarter of the 19th century. By the turn of the 20th century, as horse carriages made way for motor vehicles, it became a garage for some of the earliest motorcars to ply the streets of George Town.

According to hotelier Christopher Ong, the property belonged to the seventh and youngest son of tycoon Khoo Sian Ewe. It was put up for sale when the terms preventing its sale, as stated in Khoo Sian Ewe's will, expired, and Ong managed to pick up up, turn it into the hotel that it is today.

Muntri Mews has a café on the ground floor up front, with the rooms occupying the ground and upper floor on the rear side. All the rooms are beautifully furnished.

28 February, 2017
I can jokingly say this, "Beware of staying at boutique hotels - you can get hooked!"

That's how it is with Muntri Mews. Though I have never stayed here before, I knew that if I ever stay here, I'd be wanting to come back again and again. I have however done room, facilities and food review here. Muntri Mews is a cosy little place that comes with a weight of history (it was formerly the mews for horse carriages). As would would expect of boutique hotels, the rooms are very spacious and cosily furnished.

And how's the hospitality? I would be biased here, as the manager who took me around is an old friend, so it not possible to provide a fair judgement. But I love this little spot off Muntri Street, and I have no reservation in recommending Muntri Mews.

Muntri MewsMy wife and I with Magdeline Leong, the Assistant Systems Manager at Muntri Mews (11 January, 2015)

Muntri Mews on Google Maps Street View

Mews Cafe



Muntri Mews
77 Muntri Street
10200 George Town, Penang

Muntri MewsMuntri Mews (11 January, 2015)

Muntri MewsMuntri Mews (11 January, 2015)

Muntri MewsMuntri Mews (11 January, 2015)

Muntri MewsRoom at Muntri Mews (11 January, 2015)

Muntri MewsRoom at Muntri Mews (11 January, 2015)

Muntri MewsCouch at Muntri Mews (11 January, 2015)

The alfresco Kafe Mews (15 December, 2012)

Before the Restoration

The structure had long discarded its function as mew, and for decades became the living quarters of a sundry collection of tenants. This came to past in 2009, when the building was bought up, and the new owners restored and readapted it as a boutique hotel. It was the same hotelier who did The Clove Hall on Clove Hall Road and Galle Fort Hotel in Galle Fort, Sri Lanka, another World Heritage Site.

Muntri Mews before restorationMuntri Mews before restoration (25 June, 2005)

The disused mew when it housed tenants (28 June, 2006)

Muntri Mews before restorationMuntri Mews before restoration (23 April, 2009)

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