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Muntri Grove Penang

Muntri Grove, George Town, PenangMuntri Grove, George Town, Penang (27 January, 2015)

Muntri Grove (GPS: 5.41984, 100.3341) is a boutique hotel off Muntri Street, in George Town, Penang. This is another boutique establishment by hoteliers Chris Ong and Karl Steinberg. The hotel occupies a row of nicely restored townhouses which are set a distance from the road, Muntri Street, connected to it via a side road. The side road leads to an ornate wrought-iron gate. There is also a visitor entrance at the side gate.

Muntri Grove, George Town, PenangMuntri Grove at night (11 January, 2015)

Muntri Grove, George Town, PenangThe suites at Muntri Grove (11 January, 2015)

Muntri Grove, George Town, PenangMuntri Grove's wrought-iron gate (11 January, 2015)

Away from the street, Muntri Grove is an oasis of greenery. I visited it at night, so I have to return another time during the day, to see how it looks like at daylight. I was having dinner with Chris Ong, when he mentioned his newest hotel. Although it was night time, he said that Muntri Grove looks nice at night too. So we went over to take a look. Yes, the place certainly look very transquil and nice at night.

We saw the small cafe as well as lap pool. As I looked at the garden area at night, I cannot help feeling a bit surprised that there's so much well-kept greenery in an otherwise concrete city.

Facilities at Muntri Grove include 24-hour reception, continental breakfast, wifi connectivity, flat-screen television, lap pool, mini fridge and coffee/tea-making facilities. Guests can also arrange for in-room foot and body massages.

The garden at Muntri GroveThe garden at Muntri Grove (13 January, 2015)


Muntri Grove
127, 129, 131A-F Muntri Street
10200 George Town, Penang
Phone: 04 261 5107

Muntri Grove, on Google Maps Street View

Muntri Grove is located at the end of this side road. You would be surprised that there's a gem at this end of this otherwise obscure lane.

Getting there

If you are coming from the direction of Leith Street, look for the side-road on the right side of Muntri Street, just before SJK (C) Aik Hua. It's the side road with the "Win Win Situation" steel-rod sculpture.

Muntri Grove, George Town, PenangThe main entrance, Muntri Grove (11 January, 2015)

Muntri Grove, George Town, PenangThe main entrance, Muntri Grove (11 January, 2015)

Muntri Grove, George Town, PenangThe cafe at Muntri Grove (11 January, 2015)

Muntri Grove is on the map of Muntri Street

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