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Durian Terms in Penang Hokkien

Durian TermsDurian Terms (16 June, 2006)

List of words related to the durian in Penang Hokkien. For information on various types of durians, go to Penang Durian.

  1. ang3bak3 [aŋ-baʔ] : orange-colored durian flesh, literally, red-flesh

  2. bang3liau2 [baŋ-liau] : durian shed

  3. chiu1chee4 [tshiu-tsi] : small seed

  4. ciap1ki1 [tsiap-ki] : grafting

  5. cit3 bor2 [tsit-bɔ] : a heap (of durian)

  6. cnia1ceng4 [tsiã-tseŋ] : pedigree

  7. du3rian2 [du-liɛn] , [liu-liɛn] : durian

  8. du3rian3 hnui2 [du-liɛn-huĩ] , [liu-liɛn-huĩ] : durian plantation, durian estate, durian orchard

  9. du3rian3 tang1 [du-liɛn-taŋ] , [liu-liɛn-taŋ] : durian season

  10. khor1liam4 [khɔ-liam] : bitterish durian flesh

  11. liam3chooi3 [liam-tshui] : sticky durian flesh

  12. pang3sa1 [paŋ-sa] : segments of the durian

  13. pnua1chnae3seik1 [puã-tshɛ̃-sek] : half ripe

  14. ta3li3 [ta-li] : dryish durian flesh

  15. teng33thau3nua33 [teŋ-thau-nua] : durian flesh that is semi-ripe

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