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"Boy on a Bike" Mural, Ah Quee Street

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Boy on a Bike (GPS: 5.41535, 100.33889) is a mural on the wall along Ah Quee Street, in George Town, Penang. The painting is the work of Lithuanian-born artist Ernest Zacharevic, who was commission by the Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) in conjunction with the 2012 George Town Festival.

Boy on a Bike Mural, Ah Quee Street, George Town, PenangBoy on a Bike Mural, Ah Quee Street, George Town, Penang (30 June, 2012)

"Boy on a Bike" is painted on the sidedoor of a shophouse. It shows a boy hanging out on his motorcycle as he watches the pedestrian traffic passing by along the street. The mural is immediately to the right of another Zacharevic piece, "Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur".

Door where the mural is paintedDoor where the mural is painted (30 June, 2012)

The 'before' shot of the doorBefore the bike got there, before the dinosaur appeared, before anybody in Penang knew the name Ernest Zacharevic, this was the door. (13 February, 2005)

Motion pictureMotion picture (30 June, 2012)

Updates on the "Boy on a Bike" Mural

24 May, 2016
The Star reports that Boy on a Bike has once again been defaced, this time with a black market pen.

6 September, 2016
The Star reports that Ernest Zacharevic has done a touch up to repair this mural. Compare the mural as photographed in 2012 and again in 2016, see if you can find the differences between the two, and decide which you like better.

Before and After of the Boy On A Bike muralBefore and After of the Boy On A Bike mural (30 June 2012/9 February, 2016)

20 September, 2014
The wall on which this mural was painted is presently undergoing restoration. I just hope this will not affect the mural, which has faded, and also the motorcycle it is on is falling apart. I hope the artist will touch up the mural from time to time, as it is one of his signature pieces.

Wall restoration at Boy on a Bike muralWall restoration at Boy on a Bike mural (20 September, 2014)

The Making of "Boy on a Bike"

The sidedoor on which Ernest Zacharevic painted his mural has been a popular stopover point for visitors exploring the inner city. Now it is expected to become even more popular, with the inclusion of this "prop". The preparation of the painting involves sourcing for a disused motorcycle.

Ernest getting the bike into position before the painting startsErnest getting the bike into position before the painting starts
Author: © Gabija Grusaite

"Boy On A Bike" Mural is on the map of Ah Quee Street

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