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Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng

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Mee Goreng, Seng Lee CafeThe famous Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng of Seng Lee Cafe (19 May, 2013)

Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng (GPS: 5.43143, 100.31224) is probably the most famous mee goreng stall in Pulau Tikus, Penang. This stall has been operating for generations. The Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng stall occupies a lot at Seng Lee Coffee Shop. I first came here as a small boy with my father many decades ago. Over the years, the business has passed down over the generations, and the hawker still recognises me and is friendly to me even if I didn't go there for a while.

My Visits to the Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng Stall

21 November, 2015 It has been over a year since the last time I visited Seng Lee Cafe of the the Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng. The reason I have not been back for this long is because we have not been so satisfied with the taste or the portion size. On our last visit, we saw that the stall now fries many plates at one go, and though the price has increased to RM7 for a plate with squid, the portion size was so little, it wasn't so filling. Also the amount of stuff provided isn't that much. Feeling a bit disappointed, we stayed away for a while.

Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng StallBangkok Lane Mee Goreng Stall (21 November, 2015)

After a long break, my wife and I decided to revisit the coffee shop. As we were heading to another place for our breakfast, we decided to buy the Bangkok Lane mee to go. Considering the portion size the last time we went, I order two RM7 plates of mee goreng and one RM5 plate of mee rebus.

Among the changes to the coffee shop that I noticed on this visit is that the Hokkien Mee stall is now being manned by an Indian hawker. I am aware that the Uncle who operated the stall has personally told me that he was moving to Kuala Lumpur, but I had expected that his relations would take over the stall. Now it appears that it has been passed to an Indian hawker.

I noticed a substantial drop in the number of customers at the coffee shop. Granted I went there quite early - 8:10 am in the morning. At the Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng stall, the regular Indian man was doing the frying (not his assistant). And he was frying one plate at a time. Maybe word has reached him that the local customers are getting upset over the mass production of his mee goreng. Penang customers are a sensitive lot, and now that everybody has a Facebook account, if you let your quality slip, word spreads like wild fire.

Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng buy homeBangkok Lane Mee Goreng buy home (21 November, 2015)

I got our mee goreng and mee rebus home and put them on our plates. Oh my, they are a lot! The portion size is much bigger than what we had at the shop. As for the mee rebus, I had to change the dish because the first dish I use could not hold all the gravy. My wife and I had expected to eat one plate of mee goreng and half the mee rebus each, but due to the portion size, we only managed to finish the mee goreng. I put aside the mee rebus for later consumption.

The amount of stuff, or liau33, is a lot too. If I had known that the portion size is going to be so big, we would have ordered just the two plates of mee goreng. I do not know whether this portion size has anything to do with customer feedback. I am suspecting it. The taste is as good as I remember it, and the hawker is the original one. Having said that, I will have to return to the Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng stall every now and then to further check on consistency.

21 June, 2014: It has been two months since I last visited Seng Lee Cafe for the mee rebus and pasembur, so my wife and I decided to go there again. The mee goreng has been one of my favorites. But on this visit it was not as tasty as how I would usually remember it. The coffee shop was very crowded with customers, and to speed things up, the hawker was frying several plates at one go. However, the portion of each plate was pretty small, which disappointed me, considering the price has risen.

Later that day, I had a stomach upset. I think it was caused by one of the two items I had the mee rebus and/or the pasembur.

My Experience of Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng

When I started working, I used to come here for lunch, as my office was not that far away. After I changed jobs, I come here less often, but still visit the stall with my wife every now and then. I love to order the mee goreng and mee rebus together, so that I can drench a bit of the mee rebus gravy on my mee goreng. I usually go for the plate with extra squid, as I simply love the way they do squid here.

Bangkok Lane Mee RebusBangkok Lane Mee Rebus (19 May, 2013)

Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng hawkerBangkok Lane Mee Goreng hawker (19 May, 2013)

You can find the Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng stall operating every day except Mondays, from 8:00 am in the morning until 6:00 pm in the evening. Due to its long operating hours, I find it to be very convenient, as it's better to go outside of the main meal hours, when the coffee shop is jam-packed.

People's Choice

Members of the Penang Hawker Food Facebook Group have chosen the Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng as their favourite eatery in Penang in 2014, a tie with the Free School Road Food Court.

Getting there

The nearest bus stop along Burmah Road is served by Rapid Penang bus 10, 101, 102, 104 and 304.

Bangkok Lane Mee GorengBangkok Lane Mee Goreng (19 May, 2013)

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