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Tip for Cooking a Great Curry in Penang

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Prawn Gulai LemakPrawn Gulai Lemak we prepared based on recommended amount of spices by the hawker (2 February, 2014)

I discover that the secret to good curry lies in the ingredient, particularly the spices. In Penang, we usually do our marketing at Jelutong. However, if we want to cook curry, we head off to the Bayan Baru Market. The reason is, the spice seller at the market is masterful in blending the right combination of spices.
Whatever we want to cook, we just tell her, and she will advise us how much spice we need. Today we cooked prawn gulai lemak, so we just told her how much prawns we are cooking, and we are quite confident we will get a tasty combination of spices. Alas, the spice seller at Jelutong Market was unable to give us the taste we want, hence the journey to Bayan Baru.
I am writing this with the assumption that you know how to prepare curry if you're given the spices. If you're totally clueless about cooking, then this tip won't help at all.

Penang Hokkien Section

This section is in Penang Hokkien and is part of Learn Penang Hokkien. It helps you practise reading in the language. The text in Penang Hokkien below is a translation of the English narrative above. Note that this is not word for word translation, and you are encourage to get use to how the sentences are worded in Penang Hokkien. Refer to the Penang Hokkien Dictionary for words that you are not sure.

An1cnua1 cu4 ho1liau3-eh3 gu3lai4!

Wah1 cai1 liau4, ho1liau3-eh3 gu3lai4 si3 eng3goay3 i1-eh3 liau3, te3-it1 yau1kin4 tok3 si3 rem3pah1. Ti1 Penang, wang1 khah1 ce33 khee3 Jelutong-eh3 Ban1san1. Ta3pi1, a3si3 wang1 boek1 cu1 gu3lai4, wang1 khee3 Bayan Baru-eh3 Ban1san1. Cit1-leh1 si3 eng3goay3 beh3 rem3pah1-eh3 ca3bor4 ti1 heh1-peng2 gau3 cham1 rem3pah3 liau3.
Ha1mik1 tun4 wang1 boek1 cu4, wang1 kong4 hor3 ee1 thnia1, ee1 tok3 hor3 wang1 cai1 boek1 cor3 ce33 rem3pah1. Kin3jit1 wang1 cu4 haeh2 gu3lai3 le3mak1, wang1 hor3 ee1 cai1 wang1 uh33 cor3 ce33 haeh2, wang1 cai1 kong4 wang1 tien3tiok1 tharn3 ho1ciak1 eh3 rem3pah3 liau3. Pha1sng4 Jelutong Ban3san1-eh3 rem3pah1 be33 hor3 wang1, wang1 boek3 eh3 bi3sor3, hor3 wang1 tiok3 khee3 Bayan Baru.
Wah1 sia4 cit1-leh1 si3 hor3 lang3 pun1tay4 e33hiau1 cu1 gu3lai4 liau4 eh2. A3si3 lu4 be33hiau1 cu1ciak1 co1 cit3-aeh3, boh3 yong33 thnia1!

For more reading material in Penang Hokkien, go to Reading Material in Penang Hokkien. View also the Penang Hokkien Video Guides for video readings in Penang Hokkien.

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