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Penang Tour Guides (22 May 2011)

Embark on a journey of discovering Penang with a personal Penang Tour Guide. When you hire a Penang tour guide, you get a personalized tour that is more to your interest and convenience.

Although the Penang Travel Tips website provides free information on just about every nook and cranny in Penang, there is nothing quite like having someone in the flesh to show you around. Let me tell you in advance that a licensed professional Penang tour guide is not cheap, but he/she can offer you an intimate insight into Penang and particularly George Town, helping you appreciate and experience its culture beyond the surface level.

Tour Guides for Penang

There are two types of tours: the walking tours of George Town and the tours by private car. The prices are as follows:

Walking Tours
RM480 for a city tour of 4 hours on foot, of a small group of up to 4 persons. Additional participants joining the walking tour is charged RM80 per person. Walking tours exceeding 4 hours are charged RM120 per hour for each additional hour. Walking tour includes entrance fee to one of the major clan temples such as Khoo Kongsi or Cheah Kongsi. To enquire, contact us.

Car Tours
RM480 for a private tour of 4 hours by car, of a small group of regular-sized participants in a regular-sized sedan. Tour inclusive of fuel but not entrance fees. To enquire, contact us.

Driver Only
We can also arrange a non-guide driver to drive you around. The driver will be able to take you to places specified, but will not be providing any guiding. To enquire, contact us. Other Types of Guided Tours for Penang
If you need other type of tours, such as, group tours on coach buses with guide on board, contact us and we will be able to offer you a separate quotation. To enquire, contact us.

Tour Guides for Malaysia

In addition to tour guides for Penang, we now offer tour guides for all the other major cities in Malaysia. If you are planning to engage guides in different cities, we can arrange that for you. Just tell us in detail, when you need the guide, for how long (usually 4 hours, with additional charge for each additional hour), and what you want the guide to show you. To enquire, contact us.

Special Feature: Sungai Buloh-Kajang MRT Line

Sungai Buloh-Kajang MRT Line

Phone One of the Sungai Buloh-Kajang MRT Line became operational on 16 December, 2016. Get to know this first MRT line in Malaysia right here.


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Our Special Feature on Penang Travel Tips this week is Kuala Lumpur Travel Tips. Get to know Kuala Lumpur neighbourhood by neighbourhood through the map below.

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