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How to use the Penang Island Parking Coupons

How to use the Penang Island Parking CouponsHow to use the Penang Island Parking Coupons (28 December, 2013)

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The Penang Island Parking Coupons are cardboard coupons that have to be displayed prominently on the dashboard of parked vehicles on Penang Island. The coupons can be bought from a list of parking coupon vendors and outlets throughout Penang Island.

There are three types of parking coupons. The green coupons are for half-hourly parking, the orange ones for hourly parking, and the red ones for whole-day parking. With the implementation of the Penang Island Parking Coupon, parking fee throughly Penang Island is standardized to 40 sen for every half an hour. During its initial implementation, there were three different rate zones on Penang Islahnd, namely the green, blue and red zones, to effect varying chargeable parking based on time and day. These are standardised to a uniform rate from 8:00am to 6:00pm Mondays to Saturdays, effective 1 July 2017, with free parking on Sundays.

Two different sets of coupon booklet are available. The RM4 booklet comprises a stack of 10 half-hour coupons while the RM6 booklet comprises a stack of 5 half-hour and 5 full-hour coupons.

To use the parking coupons, scratch the year, month, day, hour and minute of your parking start time. If you are leaving your vehicle longer than the alloted time of one coupon, you may display additional coupons that continues from the end time of the previous coupons.

Half-Hour Parking Coupon

One-Hour Parking Coupon

Daily Parking Coupons

In addition to the hourly and half-hourly coupons, the MPPP has also issued the red-coloured daily coupons. These cost RM6 per piece and can be used for whole-day parking. To use these coupons, scratch the date and it on your dashboard. You can continue to use the same coupon at various locations throughout the day even after moving your vehicle to a different parking lot.

Daily Parking CouponsDaily Parking Coupons

Parking Fee Zones

Effective 1 July, 2017, the three parking zones are standardised to one throughout Penang Island, with parking fee chargeable Mondays to Saturdays from 8:00am to 6:00pm, inclusive public holidays, and free parking on Sundays. There are three types of parking zones, based on the notice boards posted on the street.
  1. Green Parking fee chargeable Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and Saturdays 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, free on Sundays and public holidays.
  2. Red Parking fee chargeable before 9:00 am and after 5:00 pm.
  3. Blue Parking fee chargeable on other time slots.

Green Parking Notice BoardGreen Parking Notice Board (11 January, 2014)

Red Parking Notice BoardRed Parking Notice Board (11 January, 2014)

Blue Parking Notice BoardBlue Parking Notice Board (3 February, 2014)

The Penang Island Parking Coupons is only for street parking lots. It cannot be used at the MPPP parking complexes on Union Street, Beach Street and Hutton Lane. Also not part of the coupon parking system are the MPPP car parks at Fort Cornwallis, Batu Lanchang, Padang Brown and the Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal.

Updates on Penang Island Parking Coupons

21 June, 2017: The Penang Island City Council announces a standardisation of parking fee effective 1 July, 2017.

30 January, 2014: The Municipal Council of Penang Island announces that the new effective date for displaying the parking coupons is now 15 February, 2014.

16 January, 2014: The following is the English translation of the announcement by the Municipal Council of Penang Island, as placed on the MPPP Facebook Page. This announcement is meant to update the general public over a few issues related to the New Parking System that was launched on 1 January, 2014.

1. The lack of parking coupons has become an issue since 8 January, 2014, and Alam Indah Sdn Bhd, as the administrator of the parking system has been required to ensure a sufficient stock of the coupons. As of 15 January, 2014, as many as 220,000 coupon booklets have been printed by Perkhidmatan Alam Indah Sdn Bhd. Uneven distribution of the coupons and demand that outstrip supply has resulted in numerous public complaints.

2. The Municipal Council has taken action in issuing a warning letter and seeking a show-cause letter from the administrator, considering the gravity of the failure of the company to complete a basic task of providing an effective parking system.

3. The Municipal Council announces that from today, Thursday, 16 January, 2014, the general public is no longer required to display the car parking coupon until such time that the issue of stock deficiency is overcome by the parking system administrator, when all coupon retailers have received their supplies and are able to restock their supplies without delay or issue. The new effective date will be announced later.

Perkhidmatan Alam Indah Sdn Bhd nevertheless is required to pay monthly rental for the parking lots to the Municipal Council at RM651,923.00 per month. The exemption from parking coupons is for all Council parking spaces not including:
  1. Light Street Car Park
  2. Batu Lanchang Car Park
  3. Padang Brown Car Park
  4. Sungai Nibong Express Bus Terminal Car Park
4. Coupon retailers are reminded not to overcharge above the rate prescribed by the Council. Coupon retailers who do not follow the prescribed rate will be warned and may have their services terminated.
Coupon booklets are to be sold at RM4 for boolets with ten 40-sen coupons and RM6 for booklets with five 40-sen and five 80-sen coupons. The general public is urged not to buy coupon booklets set at a higher price than stated.

5. The issue of illegal parking attendants is still happening, particularly at touristic areas. The cooperation of the general public is appreciated in not paying the illegal parking attendants. Council will work with the police to tackle this problem.

6. There are three colour signboards on the streets, as follows:
  1. Green signboards: Mondays to Fridays: 9:00 morning - 5:00 evening, Saturdays 9:00 morning - 1:00 afternoon; Sundays and public holidays: free of charge
  2. Blue signboards: Mondays to Saturdays: operational beyond the usual working hours; Sundays and public holidays: free of charge
  3. Red signboards: Operational every day including public holidays, according to stated times on board
7. PLEASE NOTE: Action is taken for parking outside the box, along public footway and other related offences.

8. Contact numbers for complaints:

(a) Perkhidmatan Alam Indah Sdn Bhd: 04- 2613350/04-2281192 /0124982270

(b) Municipal Council of Penang Island: 04-2613605/04-2610181 /0125721749
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