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Our Kimberley Hotel Stay

Our Kimberley Hotel stayOur Kimberley Hotel stay (22 April, 2016)

One of the fun things of writing Penang Travel Tips is that I often get invited to try out new hotels. The other weekend, my wife and I have the pleasure of staying at Kimberley Hotel, which opened early this year.

When we arrived, a parking lot has been made ready for us. When we got to the Front Desk, we were greeted by Mr Foong Hong Chuen, one of the directors of the hotel. Apparently Kimberley Hotel was established in partnership among Mr Foong and his other brothers.

Across from the Kimberley Hotel lobby is Auction Rooms, the cafe which is part of the hotel. After putting away of luggage, we joined Mr Foong for dinner at Auction Room. There we met up with another brother, Mr Foong Hong Beng, a noted local jeweller. Over dinner, I commented over how nicely the Foongs have done up the hotel, particularly the lobby area and Auction Room café. Apparently most of the antiques on display are from their own family collection.

Dinner was lovely, although I couldn't eat much, as I was still pretty full from an earlier meal. After dinner, Mr Foong arranged for one of the staff to take me on a room tour. Doing room tours is something I enjoy doing very much, as it offers me a glimpse of all the various hotel rooms available, and I can show the rooms on my website, for the benefit of prospective guests.

I see that the standard of room deco has increased so much in the past few years. Due to intense competition, hotels are vying with one another for business, and this is good for prospective guests, as they are spoilt for choice. There is a total of 118 rooms at this hotel in a wide array of types. The Standard Room, also called Kimberley Room, goes for only RM128 nett per night (as of May 2016), which is a good bargain, considering its location. At the top end of the scale is the Raffles Family Suite, with one king size bed and two single beds, and it is selling for RM328 nett per night.

After doing our room tour, my wife and I retired to our room. But we didn't stay long in the room, because I was eager to check out the surroundings. So out we went again, and explore area surrounding Kimberley Hotel, as though we were tourists. Kimberley Hotel is located on Sungai Ujong Road. Within a short walking distance is Kimberley Street itself, famous as one of Penang's major street food destinations. We often go there for dinner, but tonight, we just walked around. It is very convinient for guests staying at Kimberley Hotel, as it is just a short walk away.

We continued our exploration as far as Campbell Street Market before turning back. There is a lot for guests to discover on foot, even within the vicinity of the hotel. We returned to the hotel tired and ready to retire.

All in all, it was a wonderful stay at Kimberley Hotel. Our room was nicely furnished. We thank Kimberley Hotel for inviting us, to Mr Foong Hong Chuen and Mr Foong Hong Beng, for opening their hotel to us.

Our Kimberley Hotel stayOur Kimberley Hotel stay (22 April, 2016)

Our Kimberley Hotel stayOur Kimberley Hotel stay (22 April, 2016)


Kimberley Hotel
36, G-02, Sungai Ujong Road,
10100 George Town, Penang.

Kimberley Hotel


Kimberley Hotel is on the map of Sungai Ujong Road

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