Kar Yin Fee Kuan, George Town, Penang

Kar Yin Fee Kuan, King Street, George TownKar Yin Fee Kuan, King Street, George Town (8 January, 2008)

Kar Yin Fee Kuan, also written Kar Yin Association, Kar Yin Fooi Koon, Persatuan Kar Yin and Kar Yin Kongsi, is a Hakka district association of clansmen from the Kar Yin District of Guangdong Province in southern China. The association was founded in 1801, when the association obtained a deed from the East India Company for the premises at 22 King Street. One of its founders was Low Amee, an early Hakka merchant in Penang. The adjoining lot, No. 24, was added to it at a later date.

The present building of the Kar Yin Fee Kuan dates to 1939. Located to the left of Tseng Lung Fui Kon, it was constructed in the Art Deco style which was popular around that the 1930's, and finished with a rusticated Shanghai plaster facade.

Kar Yin Fee Kuan, George Town, Penang (25 April, 2007)

According to a Hakka who wrote to me, the Kar Yin Fee Kuan building is in fact called the Hakka Ka Ying or Jiaying Association building. The Hakka Ka Yin or Jiaying Kejia came from Meixian district (or in Hakka, Moiyan), now written Meizhou, located in Guangdong province in southern China. Meizhou is acknowledged as the capital of the Hakkas in the world.

What to See

Kar Yin Fee Kuan, though keeping a lower profile than the other more ostentations clan association temples, is a fine example of Shanghai Art Deco style.

How to Get there

Using the Weld Quay Ferry & Bus Terminal as reference, cross Pengkalan Weld through the pedestrian crossing. Turn right. Walking along Pengkalan Weld until you reach Gat Lebuh China. Turn left. Walk along Gat Lebuh China until Lebuh Pantai. Cross Beach Street and turn right. Walk along Beach Street until junction with Lebuh Gereja and turn left. Walk along Lebuh Gereja until junction with Lebuh King. Turn right at Lebuh King. You will see Kar Yin Fee Kuan a short distance down Lebuh King.

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