Penang Hokkien Basic Phrases

Penang Hokkien Basic Phrases helps short-term visitors "acclimatize" to the Penang Hokkien language. The expectation is that you will be coming to Penang for only a short visit, so you do not plan to invest too much time in learning Penang Hokkien. With that in mind, I have created lists of phrases that you may use to get by in Penang.

Each phrase in this section includes audio output, so you can click on the audio icon and listen to the phrases or sentences. If you carry this website with you on your smart phone or tablet, the audio output can also serve as your speech assistant in articulating Penang Hokkien on your behalf.

There is also a section here specially for doctors and those in the medical profession. Often, doctors posted to Penang have to communicate with elderly patients who only speak Penang Hokkien, so the phrases in that section may be helpful

General Phrases for Everyday use

  1. Counting: Learn simple counting from one to ninety-nine.
  2. Taking the Bus: Simple sentences for taking the bus in Penang.
  3. Asking for Directions: Learn to ask for direction while in Penang.
  4. Telling Time: Learn the colloquial method to express time.
  5. Duration: Learn to tell duration.
  6. List of Penang Hawker Food: Learn the name of popular Penang hawker food and how to order them.
  7. Ordering Local Drinks in Penang Coffee Shops: Learn the various local drinks in Penang eateries.

Penang Hokkien for Medical Professionals

  1. Penang Hokkien Phrases for Doctors
  2. Medical Vocabulary of Ailments & Treatments

Selected Books related to the Hokkien Language

  1. Taiwan Grammar: A Concise Reference
  2. Koxinga of Taiwan
  3. History of the Thai Chinese

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