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I write a lot (a few thousand words per day, and all my Facebook comments are lengthy), and I try to read as much as time permits me. On top of reading directly from the computer, as with Facebook posts, Wikipedia entries, or my own website, I read books too.

Reading books is an evening ritual for me, before I retire to sleep. On my night stand is usually a stack of books. Before sleeping, I would spend about an hour or one and a half hours to go through some of the books on my nightstand. I would place a sticker bookmark on the book, to mark where I stop for the night.

Most of the books I read for non fiction or academic in nature. That's because I love to learn things and am always curious to find out on topics of interest. Also, I enjoy reading biographies for famous people such as Queen Elizabeth II, Julia Child, etc.

I regard reading as nourishment for the brain. It helps you come across new words, and by getting to know those words, you can employ them in the right context. Our reasoning skills and power to describe is greatly enhanced when we have expanded our pool of words, not only when we write, but also when we think.

It may seem out of fashion, but I encourage people to read, at any age.

Book Reviews

The Chinese Language, by Daniel Kane


Antara Sejarah dan Mitos, by Ahmat Adam


Asian Pies, by Evonne Lyn Lee & Sarah FC Lee


Biographical Dictionary of Merchantile Personalities of Penang

Chinese Clans in Penang: A Concise History, Volume One


Iconic Ideas in the History of Social Thought, by Wsevolod W. Isajiw


Nonya Heritage Kitchen


Kapitan Chung Keng Kwee's Shèn Zhī Jiā Shú and Hǎi Jì Zhàn

Penang, 500 Early Postcards

Penang, the Fourth Presidency of India (1805-1830), Volume One:
Ships, Men and Mansions


Penang, the Fourth Presidency of India (1805-1830), Volume Two:
Fire, Spice and Edifice


Penang's History, My Story

Penang under the East India Company (1786-1858)

Straits Chinese Gold Jewellery

Streets of George Town, Penang

The Chulias in Penang

The Pinang Peranakan Mansion

The Story of Hokkien Kongsi, Penang

Traditional Trades of Penang


Unsung Patriot: Wong Pow Nee

Books on Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Street Names


Tarikh Kuala Kubu 1780-1931


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