Balik Pulau Hawker Centre

Balik Pulau Hawker CentreBalik Pulau Hawker Centre (2 February, 2013)

Balik Pulau Hawker Centre (GPS: 5.35151, 100.24153) in Balik Pulau is one of the major hawker centres in Penang. It is managed by the Penang Island Municipal Council, and is part of the complex that includes the Balik Pulau Market.

The Balik Pulau Hawker Centre is located to the southeast of the market. It comprises two parallel wings, with sitting area spread out along the corridor of the wings. There are many hawker stalls at this hawker centre.

Balik Pulau Hawker CentreEntrance, Balik Pulau Hawker Centre (2 February, 2013)

Perhaps the most popular item is the pasembur and the laksa. The pasembur stall is my wife's favourite. Often we make a journey to Balik Pulau so that we can buy from this stall. This pasembur stall used to operate from a push cart in front of the old market, before it shifted here. My wife noticed that the price has risen steadily over the years, but that has so far not detered her from enjoying the pasembur.

The Balik Pulau Hawker Centre is on the map of Balik Pulau

Our various visits to the Balik Pulau Hawker Centre

24 July, 2016

The other day, my wife and I decided to make a trip to Balik Pulau and try the laksa at the Balik Pulau Hawker Centre. We usually go to the laksa at the coffee shop across from the T-junction, but for a change, we decided to try at the hawker centre instead. This is how it looks like. Not too bad.

Balik Pulau Hawker Centre laksaBalik Pulau Hawker Centre laksa (24 July, 2016)

2 February 2013

Balik Pulau pasemburBalik Pulau pasembur stall (2 February, 2013)

Balik Pulau pasemburBalik Pulau pasembur (2 February, 2013)

Balik Pulau chicken rice stallBalik Pulau chicken rice stall (2 February, 2013)

Balik Pulau economy rice stallBalik Pulau economy rice stall (2 February, 2013)

Sai To Hu Wan Koay Teow Thng stall, Balik PulauSai To Hu Wan Koay Teow Thng stall, Balik Pulau (2 February, 2013)

Getting there

Getting to the Balik Pulau Hawker Centre by public transport is quite easy. Just take the bus to Balik Pulau, all the way to the Balik Pulau Bus Terminal, then walk across the road to the hawker centre.

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