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Yeoh Kongsi

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Yeoh Kongsi, George Town, Penang (19 February, 2005)

Yeoh Kongsi, or by its formal name, Har Yang Sit Teik Tong Yeoh Kongsi, is the clan association of Hokkien clansmen bearing the Yeoh surname. Also called the Yeoh Clan Association, it is located at No. 3, Chulia Street, George Town. The association has its office and clan temple on a plot of land at the corner of Chulia Street and Victoria Street.

360° View of Yeoh Kongsi on Google Maps Street View

Yeoh Kongsi is one of the five major Hokkien clan associations in Penang, within the same league as Cheah Kongsi, Khoo Kongsi, Lim Kongsi and Tan Kongsi.

Yeoh Kongsi in 2013, after restoration was completed (25 January, 2013)

Yeoh Kongsi clan temple building (27 November 2004)

Yeoh Kongsi is a Hokkien clan association. The Yeoh ancestral home town is the village of Sam Tor Eh Yeoh Seah, in Fujian Province, China. Their common ancestor was a person named Yeoh Yew Kheng alias Yeoh Teik Kheng alias Yeoh Guy Pin. He was born on the 18th day of the 6th lunar month, in AD 1312, during the reign of Renzong of the Yuan Dynasty.

The Yeoh Clan Association was founded in 1836 in order for Yeoh clansmen to have a place for the worship of their patron deities, Sye Thow Kong and Poe Seng Tai Tay. Its secondary purpose was to look after the welfare of newly arrived Yeoh clansmen. A stalae commemorating the founding of the Yeoh Kongsi clan temple can be found within the association premises.

Side view of Yeoh Kongsi in the afternoon (14 March 2004)

The clan temple building dates back to 1841. At the time it was built, the temple was located right on the waterfront. It even had its own jetty. However, land reclamation towards the second half of the 19th century created Victoria Street, and added new land in front of the temple across the street.

There is a well in front of the temple. There was also a stage, where Chinese operas were performed for the entertainment of the gods. However, the stage was destroyed during the Second World War, and was subsequently demolished and never rebuilt.

Yeoh Kongsi (27 November 2004)

What to see or do

The Yeoh Kongsi clan temple is a two storey structure. On the roof are porcelain as well as chien nien (broken pottery) ornamentation. The ornamentation depicts dragons and scenes from the Chinese classic, "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms". On the upper floor are altar chambers for the worship of Yeoh ancestors, the patron deities, and the god of prosperity.

The Yeoh ancestral hall, called the Hall of Four Knows, commemorates an illustrious Yeoh, who was promoted to be a mandarin in the imperial court. The ground floor contains storage rooms and meeting rooms. In the courtyard of Yeoh Kongsi are bushes of oleander, which produces a profusion of beautiful (but poisonous) pink flowers.

At the time of writing (August 2008), Yeoh Kongsi was in the finishing stages of a 3-year restoration project. It is not open to accept walk-in tourists and visitors. If the gate is open, you may enter it to seek permission to look around.

Yeoh Kongsi before restoration work begins (19 February 2005)

Street Art at Yeoh Kongsi

"Yeoh Only" is a steel-rod sculpture based on caricature by cartoonist Baba Chuah. It is installed on the wall of Yeoh Kongsi facing Chulia Street Ghaut celebrating the history of the clan association.

Getting there

It is possible to walk to Yeoh Kongsi from the Weld Quay Ferry & Bus Terminal. Take the pedestrian bridge across Weld Quay, then turn left and walk along Weld Quay until the junction of Chulia Street Ghaut. Turn right, walk along Chulia Street Ghaut until you arrive at Yeoh Kongsi on your right.

Yeoh Kongsi with restoration in progress (25 April 2007)

Yeoh Kongsi chien nien roof ornamentation (25 April 2007)

View of Yeoh Kongsi ornamentation (25 April 2007)

Yeoh Kongsi, restoration almost completed (7 July 2008)

Location of Yeoh Kongsi on the map

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