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Wil House Penang

Wil HouseWil House (10 March, 2015)

Wil House (GPS: 5.420376, 100.333077) is a small guest house in George Town, Penang. It occupies two adjoining townhouses on Leith Street, just next to Oriental Hotel. The proprietor is a young man named Wilson Loo. He purchased the property in 2012 and decided to turn it into a guesthouse, which he named after himself.

Timothy Tye and Wilson LooTimothy Tye and Wilson Loo (10 March, 2015)

I visited Wil House on 10 March 2015 and was given a tour of the premises. The guesthouse has only four rooms. They are the Deluxe Suite, Family Suite, Family Loft and Single Room. Except for the small single room, the other three rooms are very big and spacious.

The flooring is terracotta tiles on the ground floor and wooden flooring for the upstairs guest rooms. The first floor landing has a corridor with beautiful pattern tiles on the floor, and a skirting of colourful tiles just below the dado rail.

The corridor at Wil HouseThe corridor at Wil House (10 March, 2015)

What are the facilities at Wil House?

All the rooms are nicely furnished and air-conditioned. Room facilities include flat-panel television set, hair dryer, fan, cabinets,

What's in the vicinity of Wil House?

Wil House is located in a convenient spot near to a number of famous eateries such as Line Clear Nasi Kandar, Red Garden Food Paradise and Restoran Sup Hameed, to name just three. Also within walking distance are Muntri Street, Chulia Street and Penang Road, all offering many things to see, do and enjoy.

Public Transport in the vicinity of Wil House

Wil House provides airport transfers for its guests. If you are going there on your own, the nearest bus stop is on Chulia Street, and served by Rapid Penang bus 10, 11, 101, 104, 201, 202, 203 and 206.

Photos of Wil House

Family Suite, Wil House
The "Family Suite" is on the ground floor. It has a master bed as well as two single beds. Therefore it can sleep a family of four comfortably. There is a large bathroom attached. A flight of wooden staircase connects this room with the Family Loft upstairs. It is unlocked if guests book both the Family Suite and Family Loft together.

Family Suite of Wil HouseFamily Suite of Wil House (10 March, 2015)

Among the furniture in the Family Suite is a period telephone which Wilson received from his father. The phone is in working condition.

The master bed in the Family Suite of Wil HouseThe master bed in the Family Suite of Wil House (10 March, 2015)

Family Suite of Wil HouseAnother side of the Family Suite with the single beds (10 March, 2015)

Family Loft, Wil House
The "Family Loft" comes with two queen-size beds. This room can also accommodate four guests comfortably.

Family Loft, Wil HouseFamily Loft, Wil House (10 March, 2015)

Family Loft, Wil HouseThe other side of the Family Loft showing the door to the bathroom and staircase (10 March, 2015)

Deluxe Suite, Wil House
The "Deluxe Suite" is a very large room with windows on two sizes and a four-poster bed as the centrepiece. As we entered the suite, I noticed that to one side is a cabinet with antiques and curios. This is part of Wilson's growing collection. For security purposes, the cabinet is locked.

Deluxe Suite, Wil HouseDeluxe Suite, Wil House (10 March, 2015)

Deluxe Suite, Wil HouseAnother view of the Deluxe Suite (10 March, 2015)

Bathrooms at Wil House
I find that all the bathrooms are quite large and nicely done up. The floor tiles remind me of the bathrooms at E & O.

Ground floor bathroom, Wil HouseGround floor bathroom, Wil House (10 March, 2015)

Family Loft bathroom, Wil HouseFamily Loft bathroom, Wil House (10 March, 2015)

Deluxe Suite bathroom, Wil HouseDeluxe Suite bathroom, Wil House (10 March, 2015)


Wil House
50 & 52 Leith Street
10020 George Town, Penang.

Street Art

On the exterior wall of Wil House is the Pau Seller Mural.

Wil House is on the map of Leith Street

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