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Using the phone in Penang

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Information on how to use the telephone while in Penang along with useful phone numbers that you might want to keep handy

Using the public phone

There are both coin-operated as well as card-operated public telephones in Penang. Some accept both coins and cards. Local calls cost 10 sen per 3 minute. When making long distance call, it may be more convenient to use a phonecard than to prepare a bagful of coins.

The main telephone service provider is TM (which stands for Telekom Malaysia). It offers iTalk with Mobile phone card, which uses Voice-over-Internet-Protocol, VoIP, allowing you to make discounted calls from both payphones as well as your hotel room phones. In addition, TM also offers the conventional phone card, called Kadfon, which allows you to make calls from any of its public card phones. The Kadfon comes in denominations of RM5, RM10, RM20, RM50 and RM100.

The following are the rates for making calls:

Distance 7:00am - 7:00pm 7:01pm - 6:59am
< 50km 10 sen / 60 sec 10 sen / 90 sec
50 < distance < 150km 10 sen / 20 sec 10 sen / 40 sec
150 < distance < 550km 10 sen / 7.5 sec 10 sen / 15 sec
> 550km 10 sen / 4 sec 10 sen / 8 sec

When using Kadfon to call a mobile phone, the rates are as follows:

Distance 7:00am - 6:59pm 7:00pm - 6:59am
within same mobile phone area 10 sen / 20 sec 10 sen / 40 sec
adjacent mobile phone area 10 sen / 7 sec 10 sen / 15 sec
non-adjacent mobile phone area 10 sen / 4 10 sen / 8 sec

Public phone in Penang

Useful Phone Numbers

Emergency Numbers
  • Police and Ambulance:999
  • Fire:994
  • Rescue: 991 Other useful numbers
  • Telephone Directory (Information): 103
  • International Operator: 101
  • Telephone Faults: 100

    For the following numbers, precede with 04 state access code if calling from another state outside Penang, Kedah and Perlis, and precede that with 60 (dropping the 0 of the state access code) if calling from outside Malaysia.

  • Tourist Information Centre: 261 4461
  • Butterworth Train Station: 261 0290
  • Immigration Department: 250 3419
  • Flight Information: 643 0373
  • Public Complaints Bureau: 263 6893

    Coin operated phones in Penang

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