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Time Capsule Hotel, Penang

Time Capsule Hotel PenangTime Capsule Hotel Penang (6 July, 2015)

Time Capsule Hotel (GPS: 5.419575, 100.333876) is a capsule hotel in George Town, Penang. This is perhaps the first ever capsule hotel in the city. Time Capsule Hotel is located along Chulia Street. It occupies the five-storey Wisma Sri Wani which has been renovated for the hotel. It holds the distinction of running the first capsule hotel in the country, and is also the equipment provider for interested parties intending to establish capsule hotels elsewhere in Malaysia.

At time of writing, the hotel has some eighty rooms on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor, with the top floor still undergoing refurbishment. There is also a Female Only floor exclusive for woman travellers. The ground floor houses Little Nap Coffee Bar.

Little Nap Coffee Bar at Time Capsule HotelLittle Nap Coffee Bar at Time Capsule Hotel (6 July, 2015)

360° View of Time Capsule Hotel on Google Maps Street View

Time Capsule Hotel.

Time Capsule HotelThe capsules at Time Capsule Hotel (6 July, 2015)

What are the facilities at Time Capsule Hotel?

Time Capsule Hotel offers accommodation in space-age capsule. Creature comfort includes a 300-channel wifi television. Guests may also browse the Internet on that TV. The width of each bed is about that of a single bed. The capsule itself measures 200 cm in length, by 124 cm width and 114 cm in height. Each capsule has a built-in safe-deposit box for guests to store their valuables and in the common area, a short distance from the capsule, is the luggage storage area for them to put away their luggage bags.

Time Capsule HotelThe space-age comfort within a capsule (6 July, 2015)

Time Capsule HotelTurn down the lights and watch 300 TV channels or browse the Internet within your time capsule. (6 July, 2015)

Little Nap Coffee Bar at Time Capsule HotelLittle Nap Coffee Bar at Time Capsule Hotel (6 July, 2015)

The luggage storage compartments at Time Capsule HotelThe luggage storage compartments at Time Capsule Hotel (6 July, 2015)

Time Capsule HotelTime Capsule Hotel (6 July, 2015)

I visited Time Capsule Hotel on 6 July 2015 and was given a tour of its facilities. The first place we visited was the shoerack, where guests change from the outside shoes into sandals.

Time Capsule Hotel offers communal bathrooms, segregated between men and women, which are as plush as that in any upscale establishments. Each guest is provided a luggage-size locker to store their belongings. Upon checking in, guests are given a carrier bag containing toiletries, headphone and other sundry items. These they are to return when checking out, but the carrier bag is theirs for keeps.

Time Capsule HotelCarrier bags, Time Capsule Hotel (6 July, 2015)

What's in the vicinity of Time Capsule Hotel?

There are restaurants aplenty all along Chulia Street upon exiting the hotel. Within the hotel itself is a nice cafe serving various pastries and cakes.

Public Transport in the vicinity of Time Capsule Hotel

The bus stops along Chulia Street is served by Rapid Penang bus 10, 11, 101, 104, 201, 202, 203 and 206. If you are coming from the airport, you need to take 401 to Chulia Street then walk west along Chulia Street to the hotel (that bus does not pass through the stretch of Chulia Street in front of the hotel).


Time Capsule Hotel
418 Chulia Street
10200 George Town, Penang.

The Time Capsule Hotel is on the map of Chulia Street

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