Tasik Teluk Bayu

Tasik Teluk Bayu, Teluk Kumbar, PenangTasik Teluk Bayu, Teluk Kumbar, Penang (1 November, 2003)

Tasik Teluk Bayu is a man-made lake in Sungai Batu, Teluk Kumbar. This lake is believed to have been created by sand mining activities in the area a few decades back. Now it remains disused. On some parts of the lake, you can see water lilies growing on the surface.

Tasik Teluk Bayu is serene for much of the day. It offers a nice background between the shoreline and the sea at Teluk Bayu. The place is often visited by locals as a picnic spot.

A line of casuarina trees offers shade. These were planted along the shore, and forms a separation between the sea and the lake.

From my visit in 2014

If you look at the caption on my photos, you will see that I last visited Tasik Teluk Bayu in 2003. So I decided to return to it, and am happy to see that the lake is still there. It is so transquil and beautiful.

Tasik Teluk BayuTasik Teluk Bayu (29 November, 2014)

Tasik Teluk BayuTree stumps at Tasik Teluk Bayu (29 November, 2014)

Tim at Tasik Teluk BayuTim at Tasik Teluk Bayu (29 November, 2014)

Tim at Tasik Teluk BayuTim at Tasik Teluk Bayu (29 November, 2014)

From my visit in 2003

Tasik Teluk Bayu lakesideTasik Teluk Bayu lakeside (1 November, 2003)

Casuarina reaching to the surface of Tasik Teluk BayuCasuarina reaching to the surface of Tasik Teluk Bayu (1 November, 2003)

Tasik Teluk Bayu behind the casuarina groveTasik Teluk Bayu behind the casuarina grove (1 November, 2003)

Getting there

See direction to Teluk Bayu.

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