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Taman Pekaka, Sungai Dua

Taman PekakaTaman Pekaka (25 September, 2005)

Taman Pekaka is a housing estate in Sungai Dua, Penang. It is bordered by Jalan Sungai Dua to the east, Universiti Sains Malaysia to the north, Jalan Bukit Gambier to the west and Lip Sin Gardens to the south.

The properties at Taman Pekaka comprises single-storey link houses, double-storey link houses, low-medium cost apartments and medium-cost apartments. Jalan Pekaka is the main road. It links Jalan Sungai Dua to Jalan Bukit Gambier. The Taman Pekaka Park is a big playing field at the centre of Taman Pekaka. Together with the hills behind Jalan Bukit Gambier, it provides much greenery to the area. Many people go there for jogging, walks and play football in the evening.

360° View of Taman Pekaka on Google Street View

Lintang Pekaka 1 at Taman Pekaka.


10 March, 2015: The Star reports that residents of Taman Pekaka were upset over the implementation of the one-way traffic system affecting Lintang Pekaka 1, Lintang Pekaka 7 and Lintang Pekaka 8 which was on trial implementation from 23 December 2014 to 23 March 2015. The residents claim that congestion has worsened since the implementation due to apartment residents beginning to park on both sides of Lintang Pekaka 1 rather than on just one side previously.

Jalan Pekaka, Sungai DuaJalan Pekaka, Sungai Dua (10 February, 2013)


The nearest school from Taman Pekaka is Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan (Cina) Keong Hoe in Sungai Dua and Sekolah Menengah Jenis Kebangsaan (Cina) Phor Tay at Lip Sin Garden. The nearest markets are the Super Tanker Market and the Lip Sin Market. The nearest hypermarket is Tesco Extra while the nearest shopping mall is Pan Palace Plaza, with a Sunshine supermarket. Bukit Jambul Complex and Queensbay Mall are a short distance away.

Coffee Shops in Taman Pekaka

Businesses at Taman Pekaka

Apartments at Taman Pekaka

Streets in Taman Pekaka

  1. Jalan Pekaka 1
  2. Jalan Pekaka 2
  3. Lebuh Pekaka 1
  4. Lebuh Pekaka 2
  5. Lebuh Pekaka 3
  6. Lebuh Pekaka 4
  7. Lintang Pekaka 1
  8. Lintang Pekaka 2
  9. Lintang Pekaka 3
  10. Lintang Pekaka 4
  11. Lintang Pekaka 5
  12. Lintang Pekaka 6
  13. Lintang Pekaka 7
  14. Lintang Pekaka 8
  15. Lintang Pekaka 9
  16. Lorong Pekaka 1
  17. Lorong Pekaka 2
  18. Lorong Pekaka 3
  19. Lorong Pekaka 4
  20. Lorong Pekaka 5
  21. Lorong Pekaka 6

Lintang Pekaka Sembilan, Taman PekakaLintang Pekaka Sembilan, Taman Pekaka (1 November, 2003)

Getting there

Taman Pekaka is 10.1 km from Magazine Circus. It is served by Rapid Penang bus 301, 303, 304 and 308.

Taman Pekaka is on the map of Jalan Bukit Gambir

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