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Sweet Cili Hotel Penang

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Sweet Cili HotelThe living room at Sweet Cili Hotel (4 August, 2015)

Sweet Cili Hotel (GPS: 5.41195, 100.33619) is a small hotel tucked away in the inner city of George Town, Penang. It is located on Malay Street Ghaut, at the junction with Victoria Street. The hotel is just a short walking distance to the heritage enclave of Armenian Street and Acheen Street, where most of the famous clan temples and murals are found, but is away from the crowds and noise.


Sweet Cili Hotel
6, Malay Street Ghaut
10300 George Town, Penang.
Phone: 04 261 9986

360° View of Sweet Cili Hotel on Google Maps Street View

Occupying three adjoining shophouses, Sweet Cili Hotel offers just 8 well-furnished guestrooms. The owner of Sweet Cili Hotel intends their establishment to offer the feel of staying at home (as such, their tagline is "Stay home with us." When I entered their lounge, it does feel like I have stepped into someone's living room. And yes, you do need to remove your shoes upon entering.

Being an architect himself, the owner planned the hotel to take advantage of the limited space of the original townhouse (which is quite small). Rather than cramming it up with many rooms, he opted for spaciousness. The exposed bricks in the living room are the original bricks of the building. He told me that it was quite a challenge for his contractor to remove the outer stucco, to reveal the bricks, but when it was done, they were all very satisfied with the effect, and now other homeowners are asking the contractor to do the same for their buildings.

The furnishing of Sweet Cili Hotel often come from items salvaged and restored from other old houses in Penang. They include doors and furniture. They often add a charming feel to the place which it difficult to duplicate with brand-new items. So you can find here a series of wooden doors leading to the storage rooms. These come from houses in George Town. However the doors to the guestrooms are modern, fireproof ones. So the effect is to bring together old-world charm and new, modern comfort.

Sweet Cili HotelSweet Cili Hotel (4 August, 2015)

Sweet Cili HotelThe five-foot way at Sweet Cili Hotel (4 August, 2015)

Sweet Cili HotelThe Living room at Sweet Cili Hotel
© Sweet Cili Hotel

Sweet Cili HotelAnother view of Sweet Cili's living room (4 August, 2015)

Sweet Cili HotelViewed from living room to hallway, Sweet Cili Hotel does look like a private home (4 August, 2015)

Sweet Cili HotelThe dining area at Sweet Cili Hotel where guests have their breakfast before setting off to explore George Town (4 August, 2015)

Sweet Cili HotelThe dining area at Sweet Cili Hotel with the explosed bricks of the building
© Sweet Cili Hotel

Sweet Cili HotelGuestroom at Sweet Cili Hotel (4 August, 2015)

Sweet Cili HotelGuestroom at Sweet Cili Hotel
© Sweet Cili Hotel

Sweet Cili HotelThe duplex guestroom at Sweet Cili Hotel
© Sweet Cili Hotel

Sweet Cili HotelAnother view of the duplex guestroom
© Sweet Cili Hotel

Sweet Cili HotelDoors to the storage rooms at Sweet Cili Hotel. These were bought from old houses. (4 August, 2015)

Public Transport in the vicinity of Sweet Cili Hotel

It is possible to walk from the Weld Quay Bus Terminal to Sweet Cili Hotel. Cross the road (Pengkalan Weld), then turn left and walk heading south till you reach the junction of Malay Street Ghaut (Gat Lebuh Melayu). Turn it, go a short distance until the first intersection (with Lebuh Victoria). Across the road, to your left, is Sweet Cili Hotel.

Sweet Cili Hotel is on the map of Malay Street Ghaut

Sweet Cili HotelAnother front view of Sweet Cili Hotel (4 August, 2015)

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