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Stewart Lane, George Town

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Stewart Lane, George Town, Penang (7 July, 2008)

Stewart Lane is a small lane in the core zone of the George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site. It starts at Chulia Street and ends at the intersection with Love Lane, where it is continues as Muntri Street. Stewart Lane is perhaps best known as the lane beside the Goddess of Mercy Temple. It is said to have been named after a Eurasian who had his home along the lane.

Crammed within one corner of Stewart Lane is Boatmen Alley, the narrowest residential alley in George Town. This alley, with addresses numbered to Stewart Lane, used to house boatmen of the Lee Clan Jetty.

Stewart Lane at night (7 July, 2010)

Street Art

Traditional-style bungalow on Stewart LaneTraditional-style bungalow on Stewart Lane (5 August, 2012)

Eateries on Stewart Lane

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Getting there

Take the Rapid Penang Bus 10, 103, 301 and 401 to Pitt Street and walk a short distance to Stewart Lane.

In Other Words ...

Stewart Lane is also known as Kuan3 Yin3 Teng3 Au3 in Hokkien, meaning "Behind the Goddess of Mercy Temple".

Stewart Lane, at the intersection with Love Lane (7 July, 2008)

Stewart Lane history plaqueStewart Lane history plaque (11 February, 2013)

Stewart Lane road sign (7 July, 2010)

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Houses on Stewart Lane

The following townhouses on Stewart Lane were photographed on 14 January, 2015, in order that a photographic record can be made of their appearance, should these houses undergo changes later.

14 Stewart Lane14 Stewart Lane, unoccupied, plain walls, bat-shaped air-vents, now part of Seven Terraces (7 July, 2008)

20 Stewart Lane20 Stewart Lane, former Tye Clan Association, newly restored (14 January, 2015)

20 Stewart Lane20 Stewart Lane, when it was the Tye Clan Association (7 July, 2008)

26 Stewart Lane26 Stewart Lane, unrestored (14 January, 2015)

26A Stewart Lane26A Stewart Lane, the former Hainanese Mariners' Lodge and former premises of Penang Heritage Trust, unrestored (14 January, 2015)

28 Stewart Lane28 Stewart Lane, residential, unrestored (14 January, 2015)

29B Stewart Lane29B Stewart Lane, residential, unrestored (7 July, 2008)

30 Stewart Lane30 Stewart Lane (14 January, 2015)

34 Stewart Lane34 Stewart Lane, residential, unrestored, square window frames, bat-shaped air-vents, plain white walls, brown tiles on floor (7 July, 2008)

The Daily Dose Cafe, 36 Stewart LaneThe Daily Dose Cafe, 36 Stewart Lane (14 January, 2015)

38 Stewart Lane38 Stewart Lane, residential, unrestored, patterned tiles on walls and floor (7 July, 2008)

40 Stewart Lane40 Stewart Lane, residential, unrestored (14 January, 2015)

47 Stewart Lane47 Stewart Lane, before restoration was residential, now part of Coffee Atelier (7 July, 2008)

49 Stewart Lane49 Stewart Lane, before restoration was residential, now part of Coffee Atelier (7 July, 2008)

51 Stewart Lane51 Stewart Lane, before restoration was residential, now part of Coffee Atelier (7 July, 2008)

75 Stewart Lane75 Stewart Lane, Clock Wise Place hostel and cafe (14 January, 2015)

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