Sepoy Lines Road, George Town, Penang

Sepoy Lines Road, George TownSepoy Lines Road, George Town (18 February, 2013)

Sepoy Lines Road or Jalan Sepoy Lines (see map) is the road next to the Polo Ground in the Residency area of George Town. It began at the junction with Residency Road (Jalan Residensi), which it follows the Polo Ground to SMK Polo Ground. Then it continues to the junction with Western Road (Jalan Utama).

In the past decade, an extension was made to the Sepoy Lines Road to connect with Macalister Road. So the road now has three arms, with the latest between the field of the Penang Sports Club and St George's Girls School.

Location of sights along Sepoy Lines Road on the map

Sights along Sepoy Lines Road

  1. Judge's Residence (GPS: 5.41836, 100.30984)
  2. Penang Medical College (GPS: 5.41997, 100.30704)
  3. Penang Sports Club (GPS: 5.42025, 100.30491)
  4. Polo Ground (GPS: 5.41825, 100.30745)
  5. Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Padang Polo (GPS: 5.41937, 100.30619)

Sepoy Lines RoadSepoy Lines Road, at junction with Residency Road (20 March, 2013)

As with most of the roads in George Town, the Sepoy Lines Road has a name pregnant with meaning, recalling the land use in that part of George Town in the 19th century. The name sepoy refers to the Indian soldiers who were brought to Penang to serve the British military. They were probably under the employment of Captain Speedy, who planted the Baobab Tree of Residency Road.

In the early to mid 19th century, the entire area from Gaol Road to Macalister Road were used by the military, and polo ground was then a parade ground. The sepoys had their tents, or "lines", in this area, which was how the road got its name.


28 September, 2013: The Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) announced that Sepoy Lines Road branch from Residency Road is henceforth made one way, to facilitate the traffic flow in the Pulau Tikus area.

Penang Medical College, Sepoy Lines Road (3 March, 2009)

Jalan Sepoy Lines road signJalan Sepoy Lines road sign (20 March, 2013)

Going to Sepoy Lines Road by Public Transport

Take Rapid Penang Bus 304 to Residency Road, and walk a short distance from the bus stop there.

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