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Sakana Sushi Bar

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Sakana Sushi Bar & Cuisine (30 August, 2012)

Sakana was a sushi bar along Hutton Lane, George Town, Penang. It has now been taken over by a different management, and is now called To Kai Ya. Sakana opened in August, 2012, the first of the Sakana chain of sushi bars in Penang. The restaurant occupies the corner shoplot between Hutton Lane and Penang Road beside Cathay Cinema (today an outlet of Mydin). The restaurant offers a wide variety of Japanese dishes including the sushi, sashimi, maki, grilled dishes, handrolls and others.

Sakana Sushi has an open kitchen style bar. Patrons can view the entire kitchen operation and see how their food is prepared. The restaurant now has a new management, bringing with it a new menu and a new chef.


30 April, 2014: Sakana is having a promotion in conjunction with Mother's Day and Father's Day. You are able to get free sashimi, free ice cream and even free Doremon!

Sakana Sushi Bar, Penang Road, George TownSakana Sushi Bar, Penang Road, George Town
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Japanese winesLarge selection of Japanese wines and saké at Sakana Sushi Bar
© Penang Lang

Maneki-neko, the Japanese greeting cat, welcoming visitors to Sakana Sushi BarManeki-neko, the Japanese greeting cat, welcoming visitors to Sakana Sushi Bar
© Penang Lang

Private room, Sakana Sushi BarSakana Sushi Bar offers spacious air-conditioned private rooms for relaxed dining
© Penang Lang

Large dining room, Sakana Sushi BarLarge dining room, Sakana Sushi Bar
© Penang Lang

Sakana Sushi dining roomSakana Sushi dining room
© Penang Lang

Sakana Sushi sashimiSakana Sushi sashimi
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Although some people do not take raw food, Japanese food is almost not Japanese food without the raw items. Many who braved themselves to try it find that the raw slices of tuna, salmon, all freshly imported, are indeed absolutely delicious.

Sakana Sushi soft-shell crabsSakana Sushi soft-shell crabs
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The soft-shell crabs is crunchy on the outside and soft and juice on the inside. It is best taken freshly prepared with the dressing as a dip.

Sakana Sushi rollsAn assorted array of sushi rolls at Sakana Sushi
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Unagi rolls, Sakana Sushi BarUnagi rolls, Sakana Sushi Bar
© Penang Lang

Nama Ika Teriyaki, Sakana Sushi BarNama Ika Teriyaki, Sakana Sushi Bar
This is squid in sweet sauce. It looks good, it smells good and it is delicious.
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Butaniku Enoki Maki, Sakana Sushi BarButaniku Enoki Maki, Sakana Sushi Bar
© Penang Lang

Zaru soba, Sakana Sushi BarZaru soba, Sakana Sushi Bar
Zaru soba are cold soba noodles. This is usually taken during hot summers. It is served with a dipping sauce.
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Beef teriyaki, Sakana Sushi BarBeef teriyaki, Sakana Sushi Bar
© Penang Lang

Chicken katsu curry, Sakana Sushi BarChicken katsu curry, Sakana Sushi Bar
© Penang Lang

Chicken teppanyaki, Sakana Sushi BarChicken teppanyaki, Sakana Sushi Bar
© Penang Lang

Kimchi ramen, Sakana Sushi BarKimchi ramen, Sakana Sushi Bar
© Penang Lang

The decor of Sakana SushiThe decor of Sakana Sushi
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Bar counter, Sakana SushiBar counter, Sakana Sushi
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Sakana Sushi Bar & Cuisine
252 Penang Road
10000 George Town, Penang
Phone: 013 946 9796

Getting there

Patrons coming by car enjoy free parking at the Hutton Lane Multi-Storey Car Park. You are reimbursed your parking fee when you park there and dine at Sakana Sushi.

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