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Restoran Khun Thai, Teluk Kumbar

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Restoran Khun ThaiRestoran Khun Thai (16 January, 2016)

Restoran Khun Thai (GPS: 5.28188, 100.21957) is a Thai seafood restaurant in Teluk Kumbar, Penang. It is located on the coast at Pasir Belanda. The restaurant has a wide selection of tables, from those on the beach itself to those in the terraces.

Visitors to Restoran Khun Thai can enjoy all sorts of seafood, done in both Thai as well as Chinese styles.

Restoran Khun ThaiRestoran Khun Thai (19 May, 2009)

Restoran Khun ThaiRestoran Khun Thai (19 May, 2009)


16 January, 2016
We were staying at Lexis Suites Penang, and so my wife and I decided that we should go have our dinner at Khun Thai. We ordered the kangkung tempura, claypot glass noodle prawn and green curry. Three items for two persons! What a nice meal it was.

Dinner at Khun Thai Seafood Restaurant, Teluk KumbarDinner at Khun Thai Seafood Restaurant, Teluk Kumbar (16 January, 2016)

24 April, 2015 I visited Khun Thai with my friend, the Penang Hokkien book author Tan Choon Hoe and his wife Sandy. We ordered quite a number of dishes. There was the clear tomyam, the papaya salad (som tam), the glass noodle dish with prawns, the kangkung tempura and minced chicken meat. It was a very delicious lunch. The bill came to RM78.75, which to me was quite a good price considering the amount of food we had.

The tomyam at Khun Thai SeafoodThe tomyam at Khun Thai Seafood (24 April, 2015)

The somtam at Khun Thai SeafoodThe somtam at Khun Thai Seafood (24 April, 2015)

The glass noodles at Khun Thai SeafoodThe glass noodles at Khun Thai Seafood (24 April, 2015)

The vegetable tempura at Khun Thai SeafoodThe vegetable tempura at Khun Thai Seafood (24 April, 2015)

The minced chicken meat at Khun Thai SeafoodThe minced chicken meat at Khun Thai Seafood (24 April, 2015)


Restoran Khun Thai
1052 Mulim 9, Pasir Belanda
11920 Teluk Kumbar, Penang
Phone: +60 4 625 1155

Getting there

Restoran Khun Thai is located on the Gertak Sanggul main road. The turning in is about 20 meters before the turning in to Hai Boey Seafood. It is quite a distance from the main road, and is not practical to reach by bus. I would recommend that you go there by car.

Restoran Khun Thai is on the map

My Visit to Restoran Khun Thai

I went to Restoran Khun Thai again, this time for lunch, on 23 June, 2013. It was a hot and hazy Sunday. There were only the two of us, my wife and me, so we took our seat at the detached hut. We ordered the tom yam, sambal petai and prawns fried with salted eggs.

All were very delicious, especially when taken with hot white rice. For drinks, we ordered a jar of sugar cane water. Although we enjoyed our food very much, we couldn't finish anything, so we had the balance wrapped up, for our dinner the following day.

Khun Thai's prawns fried in salted eggsKhun Thai's prawns fried in salted eggs (23 June, 2013)

Khun Thai's sambal petaiKhun Thai's sambal petai (23 June, 2013)

Khun Thai's seafood tomyamKhun Thai's seafood tomyam (23 June, 2013)

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