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Ren I Tang Heritage Inn

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Ren i Tang, George Town, PenangRen i Tang, George Town, Penang (17 November, 2013)

Ren i Tang (GPS: 5.41737, 100.34012) is a heritage inn at the junction of Penang Street and China Street in the inner city of George Town, Penang. It occupies a three-storey Early Straits Eclectic-style building that formerly housed Yin Oi Tong, the oldest Chinese medical hall in Southeast Asia.

The name Ren i Tang is pronounced to preserve the original name of Yin Oi Tong 仁爱堂, Rén'ài táng , which means "Hall of Charity". However, as it is changed from medical hall to inn, the present establishment is written in Chinese as 仁愛棧 .

Macam-Macam Souvenir ShopMacam-Macam Souvenir Shop (17 November, 2013)

The Ren i Tang building features full-length wooden windows on both the Penang Street and China Streeet façades.1 These are in pairs, with with the top portion having jalousies while the lower third being plain panels. The restored building features townhouse-style frontages on lots 82B and 82C. Lot 82A, now (June 2014) occupied by the Macam-Macam Souvenir Shop, has an open frontage.

Ren i Tang pulley systemRen i Tang pulley system (17 November, 2013)

Laundry basket coming downLaundry basket coming down (17 November, 2013)

The inside of Ren i Tang features an airwell which features a pulley system used for the transportation of good. It is now used for bringing laundry to the various guest rooms.

At the rear end of Ren i Tang is a herb garden where the hotel grows a number of herbs and vegetable using aquaponics. It offers a dash of serene greenery to the bustling city outside.

Ren i Tang CourtyardRen i Tang Courtyard (17 November, 2013)


Ren i Tang
82A Penang Street
10200 George Town, Penang

Ren i Tang on Google Maps Street View

Ren i Tang in Penang Hokkien

Practise reading Penang Hokkien. Words can be found in the Penang Hokkien Online Dictionary.

Ren i Tang si33 cit3-keng1-eh3 "boutique"-eh3 khek1can3 ti1 Penang Street kah1 China Street-eh3 lor33thau2. I1 yong33 cit3-leh3 snar3-can1 lau2 ku33ca4-eh3 si2 si3 Yin Oi Tong. Yin Oi Tong si33 te33-it1 ku33-eh3 iok3tiam3 ti1 Tang3lam3a3. I1 1796 ni2 khui1 eh2.

Getting there

It is possible to reach Ren i Tang by foot from the Weld Quay Ferry & Bus Terminal. From Weld Quay, go along China Street Ghaut, followed by China Street, and you will eventually reach it on your left at the intersection of Penang Street.

Ren I Tang is on the map of Penang Street


  1. George Town: Heritage Buildings of Penang Island, published by the Building Department & the Planning Department, Municipal Council of Penang Island (1994)

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