Polo Ground, George Town, Penang

Polo Ground (8 March 2009)

Polo Ground (GPS: 5.41789, 100.30755) or Padang Polo is a field in front of Seri Mutiara, the Penang governor's mansion. It is bordered by Jalan Residensi, Jalan Utama and Jalan Sepoy Lines. The field was created around the fourth quarter of the 19th century, about the same time as the Residency (now Seri Mutiara).

Polo Ground is on the map of Jalan Utama (Western Road)

The Polo Ground was originally the new Parade Ground after the British administrators moved the military barracks from Fort Cornwallis to where Jalan Sepoy Lines is located today. The name sepoy refers to the Indian soldiers who were employed by the British. Among the sepoy brought over to Penang was a troop enlisted by Captain Speedy, who also planted the Baobab Tree at the junction of Residency Road and Macalister Road. The Penang Gaol (Penjara Pulau Pinang) as well as Barrack Road are "remnants" of the military presence in that area.

Polo Ground, also called Padang Polo (8 March 2009)

The name Polo Ground hails back to colonial days, when the field was used for games of polo on horseback. Part of the reason is its proximity to the Penang Turf Club, where there are stables for the horses. Even today, horses are often being walking along the streets. On occasion, there are still games of polo being played there. More often than not, Polo Ground is used for other recreational activities, the most popular is football. On some days, particularly on weekends, you can see model plane enthusiasts at the field flying their model aircrafts and helicopters.

Getting there

Rapid Penang Bus 304 pass along Jalan Residensi, in the vicinity of the Polo Ground.

Nearby Sights

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