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Poh Guat Keong, Gelugor

Poh Guat Keong Temple, GelugorPoh Guat Keong Temple, Gelugor (6 June 2011)

Poh Guat Keong is a Chinese temple in Gelugor, Penang. The temple is located near the Gelugor Roundabout. The temple is curved roof ridge. The main façade has three doors leading towards separate prayer halls, one central door to the main prayer hall, and one each on either side flanking the main door.

To the side of Poh Guat Keong are additional wings with doors which are symmetrical in its design. There is an altar at the inner courtyard of the temple, which is raised and separated from the outer courtyard. A flight of three steps lead from the outer courtyard to the inner courtyard. Flanking the prayer hall of Poh Guat Keong is a pair of guardian lions.

Poh Guat Keong TemplePoh Guat Keong Temple (6 June 2011)

Poh Guat Keong main prayer hallPoh Guat Keong main prayer hall (6 June 2011)

Poh Guat Keong guardian lionPoh Guat Keong guardian lion (6 June 2011)

Getting there

The nearest bus stop which is along Jalan Gelugor is served by Rapid Penang bus 301, 302, 303 and 401.

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