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PG Gold Museum

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PG Gold MuseumPG Gold Museum
© PG Gold Museum

PG Gold Museum (GPS: 5.419400, 100.340075) is a museum along Bishop Street in George Town, Penang. Opened on 1 May 2015, it is the first gold museum in Malaysia as well as in Southeast Asia. The PG Gold Museum is part of Public Gold, which was established in 2008 to offer a range of gold trading activities to the general public.

The PG Gold Museum provides visitors a glimpse into activities related to gold through a series of exhibitions, demonstrations and guided tour. The museum serves as an educational centre where visitors get the opportunity to have physical contact with the metal.

PG Gold MuseumMy wife and I at the PG Gold Museum (13 July, 2015)

Everything you would want to know about gold and silver is explained in detailed. On my visit, I learned the huge difference in the price of gold versus silver. A gram of silver costs roughly RM2.50 (as of July, 2015), but a gram of gold costs RM150! One tonne of gold rocks will contain a mere 4 grams of gold.

There is a theatre where visitors get to view how precious metal is made into bars. They will also get a pouring demonstration where the metal are heated to a molten temperature and poured to form solid gold and silver bars. For the purpose of security, the demonstration uses silver rather than gold.

PG Gold MuseumHere I am panning for gold at the PG Gold Museum (13 July, 2015)

There are fun interactive activities that visitors can engage in. In addition to posing with the murals, visitors also get to try their hand at panning for gone. There is section with a watery trough where you pan the sand using iron woks. Embedded in the sand are gold flakes or nuggets. If you managed to discover any, they are yours to take home as souvenirs. During my visit, I managed to get three gold flakes, then I stop panning, to give other visitors a chance of getting some themselves.

Goh Chooi Yoke, Timothy Tye and Denise Tang at the PG Gold MuseumGoh Chooi Yoke, Timothy Tye and Denise Tang at the PG Gold Museum (13 July, 2015)

At the PG Gold Museum I was given a demonstration of how silver bars are made. The silver is heated up till it is molten, and then poured into a mold. Then it is quickly put into water. Within a short time, it has cooled sufficiently to be held in the hand. The one-kilogram bar of silver has a metal value of RM2500. If this bar were gold, the metal alone would have cost RM150,000!

PG Gold MuseumA demonstration of how molten gold and silver are formed into bars. (13 July, 2015)

PG Gold MuseumMy wife holding the bars of silver that was recently formed. (13 July, 2015)

PG Gold MuseumHere I am holding the silver bar while PG Gold Museum manager Denise Tang holds the bowl from which the silver was poured. (13 July, 2015)

PG Gold MuseumA one-kilogram bar of silver. That's RM2500 excluding any labour cost. The same thing in gold would cost RM150,000! (13 July, 2015)

PG Gold MuseumThe real 50kg gold bar worth RM7 million at July 2015 market value. (13 July, 2015)

PG Gold MuseumHard life in the gold mine. (13 July, 2015)

Money Money MoneyMoney Money Money (13 July, 2015)

My Visit to the PG Gold Museum

My wife and I accepted an invitation to visit the PG Gold Museum. We were received by the Museum Manager, Miss Denise Tang, who took us on a tour. The entrance to the museum looks like the mining shaft.

PG Gold Museum on Google Maps Street View

The PG Gold Museum also has a gallery showcasing unique gold bars and coins from all over the world. In keeping with current trend, there is also a 3D mural gallery and the one and only "Gold Wish" section, where visitors can make a wish for something good.

The PG Gold Museum welcomes the visit by school grounds so that students may learn to develop values and opinion in getting first-hand knowledge of gold and the metal world. The PG Gold Museum brings the outdoor and indoor learning opportunities into one spot.

PG Gold MuseumGuided tour of PG Gold Museum
© PG Gold Museum

PG Gold MuseumPlay with PG Gold Museum's gold exhibits
© PG Gold Museum

PG Gold MuseumGet to know gold mining at the PG Gold Museum
© PG Gold Museum

PG Gold Museum3D murals at the PG Gold Museum
© PG Gold Museum

PG Gold MuseumGet to touch real gold and silver bars at PG Gold Museum
© PG Gold Museum

The PG Gold Museum is on the map

Visitor Information

PG Gold Museum
95 Bishop Street
10200 George Town, Penang
Phone: +60 4 261 9999
Mobile: 012 440 8916
For group visits, contact Denise at denise@goldmuseum.com.my
Website: www.goldmuseum.com.my

Opening Hours
9:00 am to 6:00 pm daily including public holidays

Entrance Fees
Adults: RM28 per person
Children (7-12 years old)/ Seniors (60 years old and bove): RM15
Children (below 7 years old): free entry

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