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Penang Turf Club

Penang Turf ClubPenang Turf Club (3 December, 2011)

Penang Turf Club (GPS: 5.41624, 100.29656) is a race course in George Town, Penang. It is located at the end of Jalan Batu Gantung off Jalan Scotland (Scotland Road). It covers prime real estate at the edge of George Town.

The Penang Turf Club is one of the oldest horse racing venues in Malaysia. Founded in 1864, it is the second in the peninsula after the Singapore Turf Club, which was founded in 1842. Later on, the Perak Turf Club was founded in Taiping in 1886, while the Selangor Turf Club in 1896.

Until 1939, when it moved to its present location in Batu Gantong, the Penang Turf Club had its racecourse off Macalister Road, in the open ground that is today the playing field of St George's Girls' School. One of the member of the club was Kapitan Cina Chung Thye Phin, the last Kapitan Cina of Perak. He donated a fountain to the club. It still stands today on the gound.

The racecourse at the Penang Turf ClubThe racecourse at the Penang Turf Club (30 January, 2005)

View of the Penang Turf Club main buildings from Jesselton HeightsThe Penang Turf Club, as seen from Jesselton Heights (30 January, 2005)

The Penang Turf Club, as seen from Scotland VillasThe Penang Turf Club, as seen from Scotland Villas
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In 2005, there were plans to relocate the Penang Turf Club to the mainland so that the land could be used for housing development, which was to be known as the Penang Global City Centre, or PGCC. However the plans met with opposition from both the public as well as several prominent members of the club itself, and eventually fell through.

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Chung Thye Phin Fountain, Penang Turf ClubChung Thye Phin Fountain, Penang Turf Club (30 January, 2005)

Getting there

The only bus route near the Penang Turf Club is Rapid Penang 304, which passes through Scotland Road. However, the distance from the nearest bus stop to the turf club itself is over one kilometer.

The racecourse, Penang Turf ClubThe racecourse, Penang Turf Club (3 December, 2011)

Location of the Penang Turf Club on the map

Penang Turf Club is on the map of Jalan Batu Gantung

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