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Penang State Museum, Farquhar Street

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Penang State Museum, Farquhar Street, George TownPenang State Museum, Farquhar Street, George Town (11 February, 2013)

The Penang State Museum (GPS: 5.420479, 100.338634) at Farquhar Street is housed in a colonial-era building built in two phases, phase one in 1896, and when funds were adequate, phase two in 1906. The building originally housed the Penang Free School, until it moved to its present premises along Jalan Masjid Negeri (Green Lane) (Green Lane) in 1927. After the Penang Free School moved out, Hutchings School occupied the building, and occupied it until World War II, when Allied bombing destroyed the 1896 wing, (the one closest to the St. George's Anglican Church), which was never rebuilt after that.

There was already a museum in Penang in 1940, housed within the original St Xavier's Institution. That museum was also destroyed when the St. Xavier's Institution was bombed by Allied forces. After the war, the effort to revive a museum in Penang got started. Initially, a museum of sorts was housed in a residence at Northam Road (Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah).

The Penang State Government proposed setting up a state museum in 1962. The idea was well accepted by the then prime minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman. He mooted the idea of using the Hutching School building, as it is now occupying the original Penang Free School, where Tunku had been a pupil.

Another view of Penang State Museum (4 June, 2006)

A working committee tasked with setting up the Penang Museum was set up in 1963, and eventually, the Penang Museum was opened to the public on 14 April 1965. Since then, the Penang Museum has undergone several renovation. It houses an outstanding collection of early paintings of Penang executed by Captain Robert Smith.

The Penang Museum provides visitors a glimpse at the various ethnic groups that came to Penang in the late 18th Century, and showcases the cultural heritage of each community.

As part of the expansion of the museum exhibits, the Penang Museum will also be occupying the premises of the former King Edward VII Memorial Hospital Building along Macalister Road. It is now called Museum at Macalister.

Getting there

From the Weld Quay Ferry & Bus Terminal, cross Pengkalan Weld using the pedestrian bridge. Turn right and walk along Pengkalan Weld until you reach the junction of Gat Lebuh Gereja. Turn left and walk the length of Gat Lebuh Gereja. Past the junction of Lebuh Pantai, its name drops the "Gat" changing to Lebuh Gereja. Continue along Lebuh Gereja until the end, at Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling. Cross the road and turn right. Walk along Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling with the St George's Anglican Church to your left. At the junction with Lebuh Farquhar, turn left, walk a short distance, and you will arrive at the Penang State Museum, on the left side of Lebuh Farquhar.


Penang Museum & Art Gallery
Farquhar Street
10200 George Town, Penang
Phone: +60 4 264 3494
Web: penangmuseum.gov.my

Opening hours :
9.00am to 5.00pm - Saturday to Thursday
Closed: Friday
Admission Fees: RM1.00 (Adult)

What to see and do

The rooms on the ground floor are particularly interested in telling the story of the founding of Penang, and the various communities that came to settle there, between the late 18th century and the mid 20th century. Experience the different cultures of the different communities, with the main groups being the Malays, the Chinese and the South Indians.

The Penang Museum is on the map of Farquhar Street

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