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Introduction to Penang Hawker Food

Penang hawker food is famous throughout Malaysia. Strictly speaking, the term Penang food refers to "hawker food", that is, street food sold by the roadside. Initially, this is food sold to the working class, to laborers and those working at the port settlement. Over time, this blue collar dishes developed itself into an artform and has exported itself to other states in Malaysia. Penang hawker food has even found its way farther afield, wherever Penang folks decide to settle. Australia, England, California, New York are just some of the places where Penang hawker food can now be found. But to taste authentic Penang food, there is no other place than Penang itself.

Coffee Shop in Jelutong at morning breakfast hour.

Penang people are consciously aware of the status of their street food. Although there is tasty food to be found elsewhere in Malaysia, it is a waste of time arguing with a Penang person over the question of where to get the best hawker food. Every true Penang person regard it as almost his birthright to claim that Penang hawker food is best.

The term "hawker food" itself is today a misnomer, as now all them are found by the roadside. More often than not, the best hawker food is found in coffee shops. To get the best hawker food in Penang, you do need to know where to look. On this page, I list out all the coffee shops as well as street stalls in Penang, and mark out what food is recommended there.

New World Food Centre, one of the bigger food courts in Penang.

To best appreciate Penang hawker food, one must know where to look. For that reason, we have assembled this information, showing all the coffee shops, food courts, restaurants and other forms of eateries in Penang. This is where you should go to enjoy the best of Penang food.

If you are not familiar with Penang food, we have also prepared a Penang Food Directory to help you get acquainted with the different street food available here.

Bayan Baru Market Food Court.

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