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Olive Tree Hotel PenangOlive Tree Hotel Penang (8 August, 2016)

My wife and I had the pleasure of a complimentary stay at Olive Tree Hotel in Bayan Baru, Penang on 5-6 August, 2016. This is the first time we are trying out a hotel in the Bayan Baru area of Penang. The guest demographics of Olive Tree Hotel is vastly different from that of other hotels we have tried before. Due to its proximity to the Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone, it receives a lot of business customers and visiting expatriates. Also, considering its enviable location right across the road from SPICE, Olive Tree Hotel also receives bookings from those attending activities over there.

Upon arriving, we were greeted by name, and promptly given our room, which is a spacious Executive Deluxe Room on the 21st floor of the hotel. It is a corner unit with views of the surrounding high rises of Bayan Baru. From our room, we can catch a panoramic view of Bayan Baru, all the way to Relau, Sungai Nibong Kecil and Bukit Jambul. On the desk next to the bed is a fruit basket and a handwritten welcome note addressed to me from the Duty Manager, and another personally addressed welcome letter is on the writing desk, signed by the General Manager. What personal touches!

Our Executive Deluxe Room has a small pantry stocked with its coffee and tea maker, and four bottles of drinking water. The room has the bathroom, which has separated bathtub and shower, along with wardrobe. The toiletries include everything from comb to toothpaste, and even has a loofah and bathroom scales. Let me show you the photos of our guestroom and its facilities in the photos below.

Thank you Olive Tree Hotel for the stay! We enjoyed it very much.

Executive Deluxe Room, Olive Tree HotelOur room at Olive Tree Hotel, with the curtains pulled back. (6 August, 2016)

Executive Deluxe Room, Olive Tree HotelOur room at Olive Tree Hotel, with the curtains drawn. (6 August, 2016)

Olive Tree Hotel PenangFruit basket and a handwritten welcome from the hotel. (8 August, 2016)

Olive Tree Hotel PenangA personal welcome to my wife and me from the General Manager of Olive Tree Hotel Penang. (8 August, 2016)

Olive Tree Hotel PenangA handwritten note from the Duty Manager. (8 August, 2016)

Olive Tree Hotel PenangThe coffee and tea-making facilities of the room, along with four bottles of drinking water. (8 August, 2016)

Olive Tree Hotel PenangClothes hanger, iron and ironing board in the wardrobe. (8 August, 2016)

Olive Tree Hotel PenangThe bathroom with bathrub in the Executive Deluxe Room of Olive Tree Hotel Penang. (8 August, 2016)

Olive Tree Hotel PenangThe bathroom has a separate shower compartment. (8 August, 2016)

Olive Tree Hotel PenangLooking out the window, we can see SPICE Arena right across the road. (8 August, 2016)

We had a very nice weekend stay at Olive Tree Hotel Penang. It gave us an insight into the level of quality that this hotel can provide. Although I always have to remind would-be guests that my wife and I are on a complimentary stay, and that my visit will never be the same as that of ordinary guests, the fact that the hotel can perform superbly means it is a quality most guests can expect.

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