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Muntri Street

Muntri Street, George Town (15 December, 2012)

Muntri Street, or Lebuh Muntri in Malay, is a street that leads from Penang Road to Stewart Lane. It has one of the best-preserved façades of Straits Eclectic style houses.

Map of Muntri Street

Accommodation on Muntri Street

  1. 75 Travellers Lodge (GPS: 5.42005, 100.33526)
  2. Guest Inn Muntri (GPS: 5.41963, 100.33642)
  3. Koo Suo Kwong Choon Tong (GPS: 5.41996, 100.33555)
  4. Lum Fong Hotel (GPS: 5.42078, 100.33383)
  5. Merchant Hotel (GPS: 5.42107, 100.33352)
  6. Modern Hotel (GPS: 5.42069, 100.33365)
  7. Moon Tree 47 - No. 47, Muntri Street; Phone: +60 4 264 4021 (GPS: 5.41991, 100.33578)
  8. Muntri Grove (GPS: 5.41984, 100.3341)
  9. Muntri House (GPS: 5.42017, 100.33562)
  10. Muntri Mews Residence (GPS: 5.42007, 100.33517)
  11. Muntri Mews (GPS: 5.42007, 100.33517)
  12. My Hostel @ 28 Muntri Street
  13. Ryokan Muntri Boutique Hostel (GPS: 5.42028, 100.33527)
  14. Star Lodge (GPS: 5.41984, 100.33596)
  15. Xavier's Lodge @ Muntri (GPS: 5.4198, 100.33609)

Sights along Muntri Street

  1. Aik Chee Reading Club (GPS: 5.42017, 100.33562)
  2. Former Premises of Lam Wah Ee Hospital (GPS: 5.4201, 100.33596)
  3. Hainan Temple (GPS: 5.42009, 100.33462)
  4. Institute of Chinese Physicians (GPS: 5.42003, 100.33535)
  5. Koo Suo Kwong Choon Tong Tea Shop & Restaurant Association (GPS: 5.41996, 100.33555)
  6. Leong See Kah Miew Old Building (GPS: 5.41982, 100.33604)
  7. Penang Sao Lim Athletic Association (GPS: 5.42015, 100.33575)
  8. Penang Ta Kam Hong (Goldsmith Association) (GPS: 5.41979, 100.33585)
  9. The Camera Museum (GPS: 5.41992, 100.33574)
  10. Wooi Ning Wooi Koon (GPS: 5.41992, 100.33574)

Eateries on Muntri Street

  1. Gala House(GPS: 5.42061, 100.33413)
  2. Mews Cafe(GPS: 5.42007, 100.33517)
  3. Mish Mash(GPS: 5.41994, 100.33615)
  4. Purrfect Cat Cafe (GPS: 5.41994, 100.33562)

Street Art

There are two steel-rod sculptures and a mural on Muntri Street. The "Little Girl in Blue" aka "Kung Fu Girl" (GPS: 5.41979, 100.33585) mural is at the Penang Goldsmith Association. The "One Leg Kicks All" Sculpture (GPS: 5.41966, 100.33685) is near the intersection with Love Lane while the "Win Win Situation" sculpture (GPS: 5.41966, 100.33685) is near Aik Hua Primary School. Within the Ryokan Muntri Boutique Hostel are at least three different murals, see under Ryokan Muntri Murals.

Schools along Muntri Street

  1. SJK (C) Aik Hua (GPS: 5.42016, 100.33446)

Businesses on Muntri Street

  1. Ferringhi Self-Service Laundry (GPS: 5.41997, 100.33609)

Major Junctions on Muntri Street

Love Lane Junction

Leith Street Intersection


About Muntri Street

Two of the major hospitals in Penang were founded here, namely Lam Wah Ee Hospital in 1883 and the Penang Adventist Hospital in 1924. The original Lam Wah Ee Hospital building was destroyed during the Second World War, and was replaced with a later structure that is still standing today, until the hospital shifted to its present located along Jalan Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim. Nonetheless Muntri Street is still remembered by the locals as Lam Wah Ee Kay, or Lam Wah Ee Hospital Street.

Muntri Street, between Penang Road and Leith Street (15 December 2012)

The original building for Adventist Hospital is still standing today, at the junction of Muntri Street and Leith Street, and today houses Lum Fong Hotel.

Muntri Street was named after the 19th Century Menteri of Larut, Ngah Ibrahim. A number of trade guilds from the bygone era are still found here, among them the Penang & Province Wellesley Cafe Association formed by Hainanese coffeeshop owners, Penang Restaurants and Tea Shops Association, Penang Goldsmith Association, among others. The Cantonese district association Wooi Ning Wooi Koon is also located here, as is King Wan Association, a trade union for shopkeepers and clerks - the name "King Wan", which was chosen after the original association got banned, means "warning the stubborn".

Muntri Street, between Leith Street and Love Lane (24 November 2008)

75 Muntri Street was the home of famous 19th century Baba-Malay novelist Chan Kim Boon (1851-1920), who is better known by his pen name Batu Gantong. He earn his fame for translating Chinese classics into Baba Malay, a patois mixing market Malay with Hokkien, producing witty pieces that amused his local readership.

In Other Words ...

In Hokkien, Muntri Street used to be known as Lam3 Wah3 Ee3 Kay1 meaning "Lam Wah Ee Hospital Street", as the hospital used to be located there. It was also called Sin3 Hai1lam2 Kong3si1 Kay1, meaning "New Hainanese Clan Association Street".

Straits Eclectic Houses of Muntri Street

Muntri Street has some of the best preserved examples of Straits Eclectic-style architecture in George Town. The best way to show them to you is to go house by house. Go to Straits Eclectic Houses of Muntri Street to enjoy a photo album showcasing these houses.

Lebuh Muntri road sign (24 November 2008)

Muntri Street junctionMuntri Street junction with Love Lane (11 February, 2013)

Muntri Street plaque (24 November 2008)

Getting there

Muntri Street is not served by buses. The nearest bus stop is on Penang Road. You can reach Muntri Street by taking the Rapid Penang Free Shuttle Bus to Station No. 7 (Lebuh Muntri) and walk a short distance from Penang Road to Muntri Street. Alternatively, Rapid Penang bus 10, 11, 101, 103, 104, 201, 202, 203, 204, 206, 301 and 302 are among those that pass through Penang Road.

Nyonya tiles at a house in Muntri Street (7 July 2008)

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