Muah Chee Stalls in Penang

Muah Chee (9 August, 2008)

Penang Muah Chee is a snack of glutinous rice balls coated in toasted peanuts. It originates in southern China, and can also be found in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. While the Penang muah chee has a default appearance, those sold in Taiwan and Japan has evolved into countless variations.

An itinerant muah chee hawker in Penang (5 July 2008)

Muah Chee is common at any time of the day, and is often sold at recreational places such as at promenades and parks. The chewiness of the glutinous rice and the crunchiness of the toasted peanuts make muah chee a tasty and popular snack.

In making the Penang muah chee, the vendor slices a piece of glutinous rice dough which he minces into smaller pieces. To this he coats with grounded toasted peanuts. Over these he sprinkles some toasted sesame seeds and yew chang (fried shallots). Nowadays the muah chee is sold in styrofoam trays.

Ingredients of Muah Chee:

  1. glutinous rice flour
  2. vegetable oil
  3. peanuts, toasted and grounded
  4. sesame seeds
  5. yew chang (fried shallots)
  6. sugar to taste

Muah Chee in a styrofoam container (9 August, 2008)

If you're feeling like having Muah Chee today and are not sure where to go, perhaps my food map may be of help. In it I point out all the stalls selling Muah Chee that I have come across, with more to be added if I discover them.

View Muah Chee Stalls in Penang in a larger map

Where to find Muah Chee Stalls in Penang

Muah Chee is available at the following locations in Penang:
  1. Cecil Street Market Hawker Centre
  2. Taman Kheng Tian Night Market, Jelutong (Friday evening)
  3. Medan Selera Taman Free School
  4. Gurney Drive Hawker Centre (dinner)
  5. Hou Mei Yuen Cafe in Bukit Jambul (lunch), every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

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