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Market Street, George Town

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Market Street, George TownMarket Street, George Town (11 February, 2013)

Market Street, or Lebuh Pasar, is a street within the core zone of the George Town World Heritage Site. It was named after the market that used to be located on the shore in what is today Market Street Ghaut. The market continued to function even after the full reclamation that created Victoria Street and Weld Quay.

The area has been settled by south Indians, whose presence is still conspicuous till today. In fact, this part of town is now well regarded as Little India. As you walk down Market Street, you could almost feel like walking through Chennai, Mumbai or Delhi. The street is known in Tamil as Kadai Teru meaning "street of shops".1

Map of Market Street

Sights along Market Street

  1. Standard Chartered Bank Penang (GPS: 5.41614, 100.34033)

Businesses on Market Street

  1. Selvi's Gallery Store (fashion accessories
  2. Syarikat V.K.P. Rajan (textiles)

Market Street, George TownMarket Street, George Town (23 April, 2009)

Market Street, PenangMarket Street, Penang, aty intersection with Queen Street (11 February, 2013)

Market Street, at intersection with King StreetMarket Street, at intersection with King Street (11 February, 2013)

Lebuh Pasar, George TownLebuh Pasar (Market Street), as seen from Lebuh Pantai (11 February, 2013)

Market Street (12 November 2008)

Property Numbering

Starting from Beach Street and heading towards Pitt Street, properties with odd-number addresses are on the left side of Market Street while those with even-number addresses are on the right.

Market StreetMarket Street, as seen from the junction with Pitt Street (30 June, 2014)

Getting there

From the Weld Quay Ferry & Bus Terminal, take the pedestrian bridge to go across Weld Quay. Then turn left and walk along Weld Quay until you reach China Street Ghaut. Turn right, walk until the junction of Beach Street. Turn left, walk along Beach Street until you reach the junction of Market Street on your right.

Market Street sign (12 November 2008)


  1. Khoo Salma Nasution, The Chulia in Penang (Areca Books, 2014, p.14)

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