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Made In Penang Interactive Museum 美因槟廊

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Made In Penang Interactive MuseumMade In Penang Interactive Museum (2 November, 2013)

Made In Penang Interactive Museum (GPS: 5.41638, 100.34375), (Chinese: 美因槟廊) is one of the latest attractions to open in Penang in late 2013. It is housed in the historic Behn Meyer Building at 3, Weld Quay, George Town. The museum had its soft launch on 1 November, 2013.

The Made In Penang Interactive Museum is another first for Penang. The museum showcases three-dimensional interactive art on the two levels of the building. The ground floor houses the Diorama Gallery while the upper floor the Penang 3D Gallery. In addition, there are Interactive Kiosks and a Video Presentation.

Made In Penang Interactive MuseumQueen Victoria Clocktower 3D Mural, Made In Penang Interactive Museum (2 November, 2013)

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Diorama Gallery

The Diorama Gallery showcases various scenes of life in Penang in miniature dioramas. These are mersmerisingly detailed. They are sculptured by Khoo Chooi Hooi, who had made the Dioramas of Penang Scenes nine years before. The new dioramas range from the picture of a little Chinese boy having his hair cut by an Indian barber, to a sprawling panoramic view of the George Town Waterfront. Click the thumbnail below to view each of the dioramas exhibited.

Latest at Made In Penang

"At the Porridge Stall" Diorama


Galleries at Made In Penang

Made In Penang Diorama Gallery


Made In Penang 3D Gallery


At the Waterfront 3D Art


At the George Town WaterfrontAt the George Town Waterfront (2 November, 2013)

Penang 3D Gallery

The Penang 3D Gallery showcases three-dimensional wall and floor murals. Many of these feature Penang's iconic landmarks as well as historic figures.

Queen Victoria Clocktower 3D Mural
I call this mural "Hangin' Around with Spider-Man". It is a 3-dimensional floor mural. Visitors can have themselves photographed as though they were hanging by the side of the clocktower, with Spider-Man perched on the cupola above.

Carnivorous Plants Mural
Mural celebrating the carnivorous plants of Penang Hill.

Thaipusam Mural
3D Mural showing devotees breaking coconuts in front of the Nagarather Sivan Temple and Sri Kamatchi Amman Temple along Dato Keramat Road.

Applying Henna, Made In Penang Interactive MuseumApplying Henna, Made In Penang Interactive Museum (2 November, 2013)

Made In Penang Thaipusam MuralMade In Penang Thaipusam Mural (2 November, 2013)

Teh Tarik ManTeh Tarik Man (2 November, 2013)

Made In Penang MuseumBarber clearing earwax of a Chinese coolie, from the George Town Waterfront Diorama, Made In Penang Museum (2 November, 2013)

Kingfisher in the harbourKingfisher in the harbour (2 November, 2013)

Interactive Kiosks

There are four interactive kiosks at the Made In Penang museum. At two of these kiosks, you point your entrance ticket to the sensor, and it will project a three-dimensional image on the screen. The images are of Komtar and the Penang ferry. At the other two kiosks, you just need to stand near the screen, and you will see yourself wearing vivid coloured masks of Sichuanese opera.

Made In Penang 3D Interactive ScreenMade In Penang 3D Interactive Screen (2 November, 2013)

Made In Penang interactive Sichuanese Opera maskMade In Penang interactive Sichuanese Opera mask (2 November, 2013)

Roti Canai MuralTim with the Roti Canai Mural (2 November, 2013)

Firefighting Tomyam Mural, Made In Penang Interactive MuseumFirefighting Tomyam Mural, Made In Penang Interactive Museum (2 November, 2013)

Artist Profile

Diorama Sculptor Khoo Chooi Hooi



Made In Penang Interactive Museum
3 Weld Quay
10300 George Town, Penang
Phone: +60 4 262 6119

Made In Penang Interactive MuseumMade In Penang Interactive Museum (2 November, 2013)

Getting there

The Made In Penang Interactive Museum is within walking distance of the Weld Quay Ferry & Bus Terminal. You can also take the CAT free shuttle bus that goes around George Town. From the terminal, cross Weld Quay by the Weld Quay Pedestrian Bridge, then continue north along the road until you arrive at the Behn Meyer Building on your left. It is the third building from Bangunan Tuanku Syed Putra.

The Made In Penang Interactive Museum is on the map of Weld Quay

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