Lot 33, Prangin Mall

Lot 33, Prangin MallLot 33, Prangin Mall (12 December, 2014)

Lot 33 is a new food-and-beverage precinct at Prangin Mall, Penang. It occupies the sub-basement level of the mall, in the space formerly occupied by Giant Supermarket.

The main feature of Lot 33 is Convention 33, its convention centre, which comprises three convention halls. The main hall, called Hall 2, has a floor area of 8,110 square feet. It is flanked by the 5,231-square-foot Hall 1 and 1,744-square-foot Hall 3, which is nearest the escalator.

In addition to the convention halls, there are a number of restaurants. The biggest of them all is Imperial Chinese Cuisine Restaurant. Also at Lot 33 is a coffee house called Saffron, and a pizzeria called Pizzaiola.

Escalator to Lot 33Escalator to Lot 33 (12 December, 2014)

Imperial Chinese Cuisine RestaurantImperial Chinese Cuisine Restaurant (12 December, 2014)

Saffron, Lot 33Saffron, Lot 33 (12 December, 2014)

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