Lip Sin Market, Penang

Lip Sin Market is one of the two wet markets in Lip Sin Garden. It is as old as Lip Sin itself, having been established in the early days when the housing estate was new. Over the years, as the surroundings became increasingly developed, the market became hemmed in, necessitating the creation of the other, bigger Super Tanker Market.

In addition to vegetables and meat, the Lip Sin Market also sell clothes, especially along Lebuh Nipah. Needless to say, the road becomes highly congested every morning due to the market in opeation.

Getting there

The Lip Sin Market is away from all major bus routes. The nearest would be to take Rapid Penang Bus 301 or 302 to Jalan Bukit Gambir, alight at the bus stop near junction with Lebuh Nipah 5 (see map) and then walk to the market.

Location of the Lip Sin Market on the map

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