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Logan Heritage Building

Logan Building along Beach Street, George TownLogan Building along Beach Street, George Town (17 July, 2010)

Logan Heritage Building (GPS: 5.41833, 100.34286) is a two-storey block of shops fronting Beach Street and Union Street in George Town. Located within the core zone of the George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site, it was completed around 1883, and was one of the properties of Kapitan Cina Chung Keng Kwee1.

Logan Heritage Building was known after James Richardson Logan, the lawyer commemorated with the Logan Memorial. One of the most charming - yet often overlooked feature of the Logan Heritage Building is its central arch defining a granite-paved porte-cochère, which in the old days led to a courtyard for carriages.

Logan BuildingLogan Building, Beach & Union Streets junction, before restoration (18 June, 2008)

Beach & Union junction, Logan's BuildingLogan Building, Beach & Union Streets junction, after restoration (17 July, 2010)

This two-storey building used to be three storeys tall (you can check old postcards!) when it was built in the 1880's. However, by the 1930's, it had become dilapidated, and was served a "dangerous building" notice. The owners, the Chung Keng Kwee Estate, brought in the architect Lim Soo Loon to renovate the building.

The result of the renovation is that the upper floor was removed. The parapet was then redesigned in the Art Deco style which was fashionable in the 1930's. Rusticated plasterwork starts from the ground floor right to the moulded cornices that underline the parapet.

Logan Building, Beach Street façadeCentral arch and porte-cochère of Logan's Building, before restoration (12 August, 2006)

Central arch and porte-cochère of Logan's BuildingCentral arch and porte-cochère of Logan's Building, after restoration (17 July, 2010)

Logan's Building used to house upmarket shops and offices during the British administration. Today, one corner of it belonged to Barkath Stores which closed down during the 1980's, and has remained shut till today (18 June, 2008).

Update: 23 November 2010

Logan Building, which is now owned by OCBC Bank, will be known as the Logan Heritage following a RM6.8 million restoration project that brought it to look as good as new. The funding of the restoration includes RM5 million from OCBC Bank and RM1.8 million from TecCentury, a property management company. The building will become an arcade housing food & beverage outlets, a money changer and other retail outlets.

Union Street façade of Logan's BuildingUnion Street façade of Logan's Building (17 July, 2010)

Building rechristened Logan HeritageBuilding rechristened Logan Heritage (19 January 2011)

Getting there

The nearest bus stop is along Beach Street, a short distance from Logan Building. It is served by Rapid Penang bus CAT.

Logan Heritage Building is on the map of Beach Street


1. A Guide to George Town's Historic Commercial and Civic Precincts

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