Kim Hee Cafe, Jelutong, Penang

Kim Hee Cafe, JelutongKim Hee Cafe, Jelutong (29 January, 2014)

Kim Hee Cafe (GPS: 5.38964, 100.31211) is a coffee shop along Penaga Road in Jelutong, Penang. It originally occupied the shophouse on the north side of Penaga Road. On the other side of the road, directly opposite it, on the south side of Penaga Road, was a coffee shop called Old Kim Hee. I believe both were owned by the same proprietor.

At the end of 2013, the coffee shop on the north side closed, and many of the hawkers shifted to occupy the shophouse on the south side. Thereafter, Old Kim Hee took over the name of Kim Hee Cafe. Meanwhile, the former premises of Kim Hee Cafe was renovated and then reopened as Kedai Makanan Seong Huat.

Kim Hee Cafe, Jelutong, PenangKim Hee Cafe at its old premises (12 October, 2012)

Kim Hee Cafe is one of the most popular coffee shops at the Jelutong Market, owing to its prime location right across the market building, at the junction of Penaga Road and Ipoh Lane. When it was known as Old Kim Hee, the coffee shop was rather dull, but after the rest of the hawkers moved over, the owner brightened up the premises, and with that, most of the customers also moved over. Kim Hee Cafe now gets quite crowded, particularly in the morning, when the Jelutong Market is in session. This is also due to the large number of hawker stalls operating within and surrounding it.

Among the hawker food you can enjoy at Kim Hee Cafe include the economy rice, chee cheong fun, chicken-rice, wantan mee, Hong Kong mee, Hokkien mee, Hokkien char, sar hor fun and yee foo mee, among others. The Hokkien Char is quite good, as is the sar hor fun.

Chicken rice, Kim Hee CafeChicken rice, Kim Hee Cafe (29 January, 2014)

Some hawkers chose to stay put at the site of the former Kim Hee Cafe, and I believe they will be absorbed into the new Kedai Makanan Seong Huat. They include the koay chiap, putu mayong and char koay teow stalls. The koay chiap was one of my favourite koay chiap. My wife quite liked it too, but the most recent time she had it here, she commented that the koay chiap is done too soft. My wife also likes the putu mayong here even though it is so popular that she often have to wait a long while to receive her orders.

Kim Hee Cafe is also open during dinner time, but there are much fewer stalls operating during that time.

Tim's Taste Test

23 March, 2014: I returned to Kim Hee Cafe as it's been over a month since I visited it. Once again I had my favourite Hokkien Char. In addition we also order the Chee Cheong Fun and the Putu Mayong from across the road. The putu mayong used to make very good business, but we saw that it has increased its price. This brought an immediate drop in business, and my wife - who loves the putu mayong - did not have to wait as long as she previously had to. For drinks, we ordered the Iced Horlicks. It costs RM2.00 per glass but is very thick.

Tim at Kim Hee CafeTimothy Tye at Kim Hee Cafe (23 March, 2014)

Hokkien char, Kim Hee CafeHokkien char, Kim Hee Cafe (29 January, 2014)

Chee Cheong Fun, Kim Hee CafeChee Cheong Fun, Kim Hee Cafe (23 March, 2014)

Jelutong Market putu mayongJelutong Market putu mayong (23 March, 2014)

8 February, 2014: At the time I wrote this evaluation, I have eaten at Kim Hee Cafe at its new location only twice, so I have not yet tried all the food. What I can say is that I have tasted the Hokkien Char, and I like it very much. In fact I liked it so much, I am not sure whether I will be tempted to try other stalls at Kim Hee Cafe, or should I stick with the tried and tested Hokkien Char. If in future I managed to try the food of other stalls, I will continue to update my write-up.

Tim at Kim Hee CafeTim at Kim Hee Cafe (29 January, 2014)

Hokkien char, Kim Hee CafeHokkien char, Kim Hee Cafe (29 January, 2014)

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Penang Hokkien Section

This section is in Penang Hokkien and is part of Learn Penang Hokkien. It helps you practise reading in the language. Refer to the Penang Hokkien Dictionary for words that you are not sure.

Kim Hee Cafe in Penang Hokkien

Ca1khi1si2, a3si3 wah1 khee3 Jelutong-eh3 ban3san1, wah1 su3ka1 ciak3 ca1khi1 tnui3 (uh3 lang3 kio3 "cau3chan1") ti1 Kim Hee Cafe. Kim Hee Cafe si3 cit3-leh3 ko3pi3 tiam3 tua3 Jelutong Ban3san1-eh3 tui1bin33.

Ha1mik1 mi3knia3 ho1ciak1 ti1 cit1-peng2? Wah4 su3ka1 ciak3 cit1-peng2-eh3 Hok1kien1 Char4. Cit1-peng2-eh3 Chee1 Cheong3 Fun2 tun1 be33phnai4. A3si3 lai2 Jelutong Ban3san1, wah1-eh3 bor4 ai1 beh4 cit1-peng2-eh3 putu mayong. Cit1-leh1 putu mayong cin3 la1ku2 kau3ka1 tiok3 tan4 cin3 ku4. Ta3pi1 te3-boey1 tau4 wah1lang2 khee3 ban3san1, wang1 khnua3 putu mayong khi1 kae3 liau4. Hong3hiam4 khah1 cio1 lang2 lai3 beh4 liau4. Wah1-eh3 bor4 tun1 mm3mien1 tan4 a1nae1 ku4 liau4. Translation
In the morning, if I go to the market in Jelutong, I like to have my breakfast (which some people call "cau3chan1") at Kim Hee Cafe. Kim Hee Cafe is a coffee shop across the road from the Jelutong Market.

What's good to eat here? I like the Hokkien Char here. The chee cheong fun is also not bad. If we go to the Jelutong Market, my wife likes the putu mayong here. This putu mayong does such a good business until we have to wait a long while (for our order). But the last time we went to market, we saw that the putu mayong has increased in price. Suddenly fewer people are buying it. So my wife didn't have to wait long (to get her order).

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Stalls at Kim Hee Cafe at its former location

The koay chiap at Kim Hee CafeThe koay chiap at Kim Hee Cafe, at its old premises (2 February, 2012)

Kim Hee Cafe sar hor funKim Hee Cafe sar hor fun, at its old premises (14 October, 2012)

The char koay teow at Kim Hee CafeThe char koay teow at Kim Hee Cafe, at its old premises (2 February, 2012)

Notesworthy stalls at Kim Hee Cafe

  1. Jelutong Market Koay Chiap Stall
  2. Jelutong Market Putu Mayong Stall

Getting there

The nearest bus stop is along Jalan Jelutong. From there, walk to the junction of Penaga Road. Go along Penaga Road until you reach Kim Hee Cafe on your right, at the intersection with Ipoh Lane.

Kim Hee Cafe is on the map of Ipoh Lane

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