Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah

Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, GelugorJalan Sultan Azlan Shah, Gelugor (20 September, 2009)

Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah is one of the main roads in Penang. It starts at the Gelugor Roundabout, and ends at the Bayan Lepas Flyover, making it one of the longest main roads on the island.

Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah was named after Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Yusuff Izzuddin Shah Ghafarullahu-Lah, the Ruler of Perak. The road was renamed in his honour during his official visit to Penang as the ninth Yang di-Pertuan Agong, or Supreme Ruler of Malaysia. Before that, the road was simply known according to its location, ie. Gelugor Main Road, Sungai Nibong Main Road, etc.

Location of sights along Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah on the map

Sights along Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah

  1. Balai Polis Sungai Nibong (GPS: 5.33647, 100.29744)
  2. Bangunan Kelab Gelugor (GPS: 5.37024, 100.30973)
  3. Bayan Point (GPS: 5.33235, 100.29425)
  4. Century Garden (GPS: 5.34745, 100.30381)
  5. Charismatic Church of Penang (GPS: 5.3159, 100.28597)
  6. Dewan JKKK Sungai Nibong Besar (GPS: 5.335, 100.29606)
  7. Flat Koperasi Sungai Gelugor (GPS: 5.36683, 100.31091)
  8. Gelugor Roundabout (GPS: 5.37995, 100.30793)
  9. Gurdwara Sahib Bayan Baru (GPS: 5.31609, 100.28634)
  10. JPJ (Road Transport Department) (GPS: 5.35163, 100.30409)
  11. Jubilee Courtyard (GPS: 5.3395, 100.29828)
  12. Kediaman Staf Pendidikan Sungai Nibong (GPS: 5.33869, 100.29822)
  13. Kompleks Belia & Sukan Negeri Pulau Pinang (GPS: 5.35831, 100.31095)
  14. Krystal Point (GPS: 5.33169, 100.29656)
  15. Malaysia Airport Training Centre (GPS: 5.29608, 100.26602)
  16. Masjid Jamek Sungai Gelugor (GPS: 5.37088, 100.31044)
  17. Masjid Jamek Sungai Nibong Besar (GPS: 5.33976, 100.29907)
  18. Masjid Jamek Sungai Tiram (GPS: 5.30135, 100.27408)
  19. Pantai Jerejak (GPS: 5.34553, 100.30268)
  20. Penang International Airport (GPS: 5.29293, 100.26545)
  21. Perkampungan Polis Bayan Lepas (GPS: 5.29821, 100.26911)
  22. Pesara Nipah Apartment (GPS: 5.33972, 100.29815)
  23. Pesta Site (GPS: 5.34404, 100.30055)
  24. Rejimen 2, Royal Military Police Corps (GPS: 5.36186, 100.31122)
  25. SEAMEO-RECSAM (GPS: 5.37647, 100.30829)
  26. Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (Cina) Kwang Hwa (GPS: 5.33575, 100.29646)
  27. Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (Cina) Shih Chung Cawangan (GPS: 5.33534, 100.29621)
  28. Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Gelugor (GPS: 5.36397, 100.31148)
  29. Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Nibong (GPS: 5.33829, 100.29908)
  30. Seri Anggun (GPS: 5.33877, 100.29936)
  31. Seri Anggun Apartment (GPS: 5.33866, 100.30098)
  32. Snake Temple (GPS: 5.31403, 100.28535)
  33. Soka Gakkai Malaysia (GPS: 5.29909, 100.27031)
  34. Sri Poomarathammal Temple (GPS: 5.37302, 100.30942)
  35. Sri Sungei Nibong Complex (GPS: 5.3389, 100.29829)
  36. Sri Veerama Kaliamman Devasthanam Temple (GPS: 5.3689, 100.3105)
  37. Sri Vishwanather Sri Visalatchi Temple (GPS: 5.31553, 100.2858)
  38. Straits International School (GPS: 5.29743, 100.26784)
  39. Sungai Nibong Express Bus Terminal (GPS: 5.34318, 100.30031)
  40. Sunny Point (GPS: 5.35307, 100.30742)
  41. Sunway Prima (GPS: 5.30392, 100.2777)
  42. Taman Utara (GPS: 5.35096, 100.30492)
  43. Than Hsiang Temple (GPS: 5.31648, 100.2866)
  44. The Star Northern Hub (GPS: 5.29889, 100.26966)
  45. The View Condominium (GPS: 5.3561, 100.31055)
  46. Universiti Sains Malaysia (GPS: 5.35923, 100.3103)

Eateries along Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah

  1. Kompleks Medan Suri (GPS: 5.34078, 100.29939)
  2. Restoran Minah (GPS: 5.37001, 100.30978)

Petrol Stations along Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah

  1. Caltex Sungai Nibong (GPS: 5.33496, 100.29693)
  2. Petron Gelugor (GPS: 5.37243, 100.309)
  3. Petron Sungai Nibong (GPS: 5.34582, 100.30293)
  4. Petronas Bayan Baru (GPS: 5.32906, 100.29452)
  5. Shell Jalan Gelugor (GPS: 5.37689, 100.3078)
  6. Shell Sungai Nibong I (GPS: 5.33428, 100.2966)
  7. Shell Sungai Nibong II (GPS: 5.33401, 100.2956)

Selected businesses along Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah

  1. Autobinee, car dealership (GPS: 5.36862, 100.31049)
  2. Galeri Perabot Eng Wah (GPS: 5.33838, 100.29852)
  3. Mitsubishi Motors Service Centre (GPS: 5.2994, 100.27072)
  4. Nissan Service Centre (GPS: 5.30005, 100.27132)

Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, near the Bayan Lepas Elevated Highway (4 June, 2012)

Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah road signJalan Sultan Azlan Shah road sign (6 January, 2017)

Getting there

Among the public buses that pass through Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah include Rapid Penang Bus 102, 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 306, 307, 401, 704 and 705.

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