Jalan Air Itam, Penang

Jalan Air Itam, PenangJalan Air Itam, Penang (5 March, 2013)

Jalan Air Itam, also called the Ayer Itam Road, is one of the main roads radiating out of George Town. It continues where Dato Kramat Road ends, near the junction with York Road, and continues westward to the Air Itam Vilage. Jalan Air Itam extends further east than the Air Itam area itself.

Address numbering on Jalan Air Itam begins in the east and increases as it goes west. No. 1 Jalan Air Itam is located in the Dato Kramat area. This is where Dato Kramat Road continues as Ayer Itam Road. That property is presently occupied by Sports Toto.

Map of Jalan Air Itam

Sights along or in the vicinity of Jalan Air Itam

  1. Air Itam Memorial Park (GPS: 5.40564, 100.28248)
  2. Christ Church (GPS: 5.40512, 100.28137)
  3. Chung Ling High School (GPS: 5.40398, 100.29524)
  4. Dhoby Ghaut (GPS: 5.41207, 100.30856)
  5. Han Chiang High School (GPS: 5.40707, 100.3051)
  6. Heong Giam Si Temple (GPS: 5.4083, 100.29922)
  7. Huat Huah Liam Temple (GPS: 5.40702, 100.28429)
  8. Kampung Baru Market (GPS: 5.40574, 100.29627)
  9. Mahindarama Buddhist Temple (GPS: 5.40889, 100.30721)
  10. Malaysian German Society (GPS: 5.41012, 100.30549)
  11. Masjid Jamek Shaik Eusoff (GPS: 5.41294, 100.31146)
  12. Masjid Kampung Baru (GPS: 5.40554, 100.29507)
  13. Methodist Boys School (GPS: 5.4108, 100.30622)
  14. Nuduthurai Sri Devi Karumariamman Temple (GPS: 5.41342, 100.30951)
  15. Overseas Chinese Anti-War Memorial (GPS: 5.40563, 100.28259)
  16. Penang Japanese Association (GPS: 5.4094, 100.30515)
  17. Penang State Mosque (GPS: 5.40672, 100.30166)
  18. Poh Hua Tong (GPS: 5.40414, 100.28722)
  19. Risen Christ Catholic Church (GPS: 5.40436, 100.28196)
  20. SJK (C) Kong Min Pusat (GPS: 5.4081, 100.30015)
  21. SJK (C) Shang Wu (GPS: 5.4081, 100.30015)
  22. SMK Agama Al-Mashoor (GPS: 5.40865, 100.30355)
  23. SMK (P) Sri Mutiara (GPS: 5.41049, 100.30795)
  24. Sri Ambakarathur Patrakaliamman Temple (GPS: 5.40469, 100.28944)
  25. Sri Rama Temple (GPS: 5.41307, 100.30895)
  26. Sri Sivasakthi Temple (GPS: 5.41186, 100.30909)
  27. Suffolk House (GPS: 5.41085, 100.30538)
  28. Taman Sri Indah Apartment (GPS: 5.40547, 100.29237)
  29. Wisma Pandu Puteri (GPS: 5.40852, 100.30291)
  30. Wisma Pengakap (GPS: 5.40831, 100.30214)
  31. Wisma Yatim Laki-Laki Islam (GPS: 5.40441, 100.29177)

Coffee Shops along Jalan Air Itam

  1. Bee San Coffee Shop
  2. I Canton Cafe (GPS: 5.41226, 100.3096)
  3. Kampar Fish Jelly Restaurant
  4. Kee San Seafood
  5. Pin Pin Cafe
  6. Restoran Cheng Heong

Petrol Stations along Jalan Air Itam

  1. BHP Kampung Baru Air Itam
  2. Caltex Air Itam
  3. Esso next to Chor Sin Kheng Road
  4. Esso near Shang Wu Primary School
  5. Shell Air Itam

Banks along Jalan Air Itam

  1. CIMB Air Itam Branch
  2. Maybank Kampung Baru Branch
  3. Public Bank Air Itam Branch

Other Amenities along Jalan Air Itam

  1. Air Itam Police Station (GPS: 5.40263, 100.27827)
  2. Air Itam Post Office (GPS: 5.40441, 100.29177)
  3. Kampung Baru Police Station (GPS: 5.40263, 100.27827)

Businesses along Jalan Air Itam

  1. 7 Eleven Kampung Baru
  2. Allpackz Packaging and Printing Sdn Bhd
  3. Anwah Auto Supply
  4. Boon Hai Motors
  5. Chiat Lee Driving School
  6. Choon Heng Hardware
  7. Ewe Dental Surgery
  8. Hairstory (hair-dressing salon)
  9. Hon Sun Auto (car service centre)
  10. KC Home Furnishing
  11. Kedai Ubat Eng Chai Tong
  12. Organic Life
  13. SEC Electricare
  14. Singer Store
  15. Soon Joo Trading
  16. Springwood Florist
  17. Star Electronics Ayer Itam Branch
  18. Starlite Driving Institution
  19. TAL Farmasi
  20. Taycon Motor, Kampung Baru
  21. Top Power Bikers, Kampung Baru

Jalan Air ItamJalan Air Itam (5 March, 2013)

Jalan Air Itam is usually congested at Ayer Itam Village (4 June, 2011)

Sports TotoThe Sports Toto shop is No. 1 Jalan Air Itam (5 February, 2013)

Jalan Air Itam has existed since the 19th century, as it forms the only link to the central highlands of Penang Hill. As in the case with Dato Kramat Road, it has a number of roads branching out of it which were named after places in Malaysia, among them Gopeng Road, Jalan Langkawi, Terengganu Road, Kampar Road. Most of these places remain rural until the early part of the 20th century, when George Town began to rapidly expand outwards.

Busy Jalan Air Itam (9 September, 2011)

Jalan Air Itam has been realigned a number of times, particularly in the mid 20th century, when the junction of Scotland Road was realigned to intersect with Green Lane, and to mild the sharp bends in places such as Kampung Bahru. The Air Itam Roundabout which links Jalan Air Itam with Penang Hill Road and Jalan Khoo Hye Keat, is the only roundabout along the whole route after the one at Green Lane was replaced with a flyover interchange in in early 1980's.

Jalan Air Itam joins Jalan Balik Pulau in front of the Air Itam Police Station. From there, the road continues south. It forms a junction with Jalan Pasar, in front of the Ayer Itam Market. Jalan Air Itam ends right after the Air Itam village, at the junction with Jalan Rambutan, from where the road continues as Jalan Paya Terubong.

Jalan Air Itam, in front of the Penang State Mosque (4 June, 2011)

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