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Penang Hotels Christmas Promo 2017
Penang Hotels Christmas Promo 2017

Executive Room, Iconic Hotel PenangMy wife and I in the Executive Room, Iconic Hotel Penang (25 June, 2016)

Iconic Hotel Penang, the new 4-star hotel opens in the Bukit Tengah neighbourhood of Bukit Mertajam on 21 June, 2016. My wife and I have the opportunity to try out its facilities over the following weekend, on 24-25 June. This was largely thanks to Vanessa Workman, who helped establish the connection between the hotel and me.

The opening of this 4-star hotel in the Bukit Tengah area is expected to usher in a new level of comfort and hospitality to the huge industrial area in Central Penang Mainland (Seberang Perai Tengah). It offers accommodation of an international standard to corporate visitors of the industral area, rather than having to travel long distances to the nearest hotel. Iconic Hotel Penang is the mainstay of the Icon City, which is still being developed in stages. Iconic Hotel Penang located on Jalan Icon City, the main street in the area.

I was given very clear directions on how to reach Iconic Hotel Penang, but had no trouble locating it, as the hotel is visible from the North-South Expressway. It can be reached via Jalan Bukit Tengah and Jalan Kebun Nenas. We parked on Level 3 and proceeded to check in, where we were warmly received, and then taken on a tour of its facilities.

There are four types of rooms at Iconic Hotel Penang, namely the 29 sqm Superior Room, the 32 sqm Deluxe Room, the 37 sqm Premier Room and the 42 sqm Executive Room, on which there are only seven. We were pleasantly delighted that they have put us in one of those Executive rooms. At 42 square meters, it is incredibly spacious, with a living room area of its own. We are on the 13th floor of the hotel. Looking out, we saw the view of Icon City, where development is progressing unabated.

My wife and I love the deco of our room. There guestrooms are done in three different themes - Modern, Contemporary and Urban - and ours is in the Contemporary theme. It is a picture of stylish elegance. The underlying colour scheme is torquise against a monochrome hue. The effect is great when you wear a bright colour. We also like the flooring and wallpaper. The floor is finished with tiles that are made to mimic wood.

Executive Room, Iconic Hotel PenangOur king-size bed. (25 June, 2016)

There is a coffee brewer in the room, though the instruction of how to use it was rather rudimentary, so it took me a while to figure out how to brew myself a cup of gourmet Expresso. I would appreciate a more detailed explanation. At the same time, I was aware that the coffee brewer is brand new, and I am nervous of breaking it with my fiddling.

The room has a 40-inch LCD television, while the bathroom has both a handheld shower rose and a ceiling-height rain shower. A nice touch is the facial mirror, which is useful when you are shaving, applying lipsticks or putting on your contact lens.

During our brief stay, we enjoyed a breakfast and a dinner at their main restaurant, the Mezza9 (which I shall write about separately). All in all, it was a wonderful stay and I wish it were longer!

Executive Room, Iconic Hotel PenangOur Iconic Hotel review stay (25 June, 2016)

Executive Room, Iconic Hotel PenangOur Iconic Hotel review stay (25 June, 2016)

Executive Room, Iconic Hotel PenangCouch in the Executive Room (25 June, 2016)

Executive Room, Iconic Hotel PenangThe king-size bed in our Executive Room (25 June, 2016)

Executive Room, Iconic Hotel PenangThe coffee and tea-making facilities in the Executive Room includes a coffee brewer. (25 June, 2016)

Executive Room, Iconic Hotel PenangGuests are provided gourmet-quality tea and coffee. (25 June, 2016)

Executive Room, Iconic Hotel PenangThe seating area in the Executive Room of Iconic Hotel. (25 June, 2016)

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