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Ba3tu1 Mau2

Batu Maung, PenangBa3tu1 Mau2 (10 June, 2006)

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Ba3tu1 Mau2 si33 cit3-leh3 liak3 hu2-eh3 kam1pong1 ti1 Pi3nang3 Su33. Wah4 se1han3-eh3 si2, wah1-eh3 Pa3 Pa1 uh33 cit3-khien1 peng3iu4 tua3 cit1-peng2. Ie1-eh3 mia2 si33 Ah3 Han3. Ah3 Han3 liak3 hu2-eh3 lang2 lai2. Ie1-eh3 chu1 ti1 hai1kni2. Boek1 khee3 Ah3 Han3-eh3 chu3, wah1lang2 tiok3boek1 paek3 koay3 tua33-tua33-liap1-eh3 ba1tu2. Ti1 ba1tu2 Ah3 Han3 phark3 haeh3bee4.

Wah1 e33ki3, wah1lang2 bat1 toay3 Ah3 Han3 chut1 hai4, ceh33 ie1-eh3 liak3 hu3 cun2. Cin3 song4 hor33 hong1 choay1 bin33. E33 hien33tiok1, Pi3nang3 Su33 ti1 cit3-peng2, Thai3ko3 Su33 ti1 kokh1 cit3-peng2. Ah3 Han3 khiu4 ie1-eh3 bang33 khi4 lai2-eh3 si2, uh33 cin3 ce33-ciak1 hu2.

Tua3 ti1 cit3-liap3 tua33 ba1tu2 kin3 ka1 hai4 uh33 cit3-leh3 tua33 kha3jiak3. Lang3 kong4, cit1-leh1 si33 Sam3 Poh1 Kong1-eh3 kha3jiak3, ta3pi1 wah1 mm33 cai1 Sam3 Poh4 cui33-cui33 lai2. Kin3 ka1 Sam3 Poh1 kha3jiak3 uh33 cit3-leh3 teh3lau2 mia3 Ocean Inn. Ocean Inn-eh3 pni1-nya4 uh33 cin3 ceh3-sin1-eh3 ba1tu3 siong33. Tua33 sin1, se1 sin1, lang2 kah1 khim1siu3-eh3 siong33, ka1liau4 pun1 uh33, siang33ka1 Haw Par Villa an1nae1. Lang3 su3ka1 lai3 cit1-peng2 hip1 siau1eng4. Khia33 bae4 pun1 e33.

Tha1na1 wah4 mm33 cai1 Ah3 Han3 kokh1 uh33 ti3 gok3 boh2. Ie1-eh3 chu3 ca4 tok33 thiak3 to4 liau4. Ba3tu1 Mau2-eh3 hai1kni2 pun1 boh3 siang33ka1 ha1ku4 liau4. Ba3tu3 siong33 ca4 phak1 phua3 liau4.

Tha1na1 Ba3tu1 Mau2 tua33 khi1chu3. Kuan3lau2, ang3mor3lau2, ka1liau4 pun1 uh33. Sam3 Poh1 kha3jiak3 pun1 uh33 ka3ki3-eh3 beo33 liau4. Si33, Ba3tu1 Mau2 boh3 siang33ka1 ha1ku4 liau4.

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