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Gottlieb Road

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Penang Hotels Christmas Promo 2017

Gottlieb Road, George Town, Penang (8 October, 2012)

Gottlieb Road, known today as Jalan Gottlieb, is a major road in Penang. It links Jalan Bagan Jermal with Jalan Utama. Along the way, it intersects with Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman / Jalan Air Terjun, Gottlieb Garden, and Scott Road.

Location of sights along Gottlieb Road on the map

Hotels along Gottlieb Road

  1. Hotel Waterfall (GPS: 5.43039, 100.29962)
  2. Tropics Eight Suites, formerly NB Place (GPS: 5.43186, 100.3017)
  3. New Bob Centre (GPS: 5.43207, 100.30191)

Sights along Gottlieb Road

  1. Penang Chinese Girls' High School (GPS: 5.43207, 100.30191)

Eateries along Gottlieb Road

  1. Idealite Wholesome Dining Place
  2. Kafe Goodall (GPS: 5.43268, 100.30253)
  3. Kedai Kopi Chop Heap Seng
  4. Kedai Makanan dan Minuman Taman Emas (GPS: 5.43353, 100.30301)
  5. Mellowcup Cafe (GPS: 5.43207, 100.30191)

Businesses along Gottlieb Road

Gottlieb Road was named after Felix Henri Gottlieb, a German lawyer of probably Jewish descent, who worked for the British government in Penang between 1846 and 1882. Gottlieb is quite likely a Freemason as the Gottlieb Lodge of the Penang Masonic Temple was probably named after him.

Gottlieb Road commercial area (8 October, 2012)

Gottlieb Road is the site for Penang Chinese Girls' High School, the biggest girls' school in Penang. The road used to be very congested during lunch rush hour, when it is packed with school buses waiting to fetch the students home and some dropping the students for afternoon school.

The congestion has reduced somewhat since Gottlieb Road was widened in mid 2012. Since then, school buses are no longer allowed to park along Gottlieb Road anymore. Part of Scott Road and Rose Avenue have now been turned into a parking area for the school buses.


28 September, 2013: The MPPP announces that, to ease traffic flow, there is to be no right turn for north-heading traffic from Gottlieb Road to Scott Road. This practise often causes traffic to back up along Gottlieb Road, causing a jam along the road. A U-turn is now allowed at the Gottlieb-Burmah roads junction.

Getting there

Gottlieb Road is best reached by private transport. Right now Rapid Penang bus service 102 has started which passes through the road.

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